Hawkeye, new Marvel show on Disney+

He was not bad in the tag movie. (I saw it on an airplane). To be clear, no one was great in the tag movie, but he was just as not-bad as the rest of them. He’s definitely ok in humor-with-stunts.

This looks fun. I love the idea of “Rogers: The Musical” (hell, I want them to produce that) and I’ll probably enjoy it more than “What if…?”

Out today. Anyone watch yet?

Watched the first one, it was very entertaining.

Just watched to first two 'lots of fun. I like small stakes, after so many shows with the universe or multiverse at stake.

Watched it. Liked it. The face that Hawkeye and (I believe) the boss lady have hearing issues is going to be important, isn’t it? The likelihood of a hearing character knowing ASL seems to be much higher than in real life.

I’d watch “Rogers the Musical”


How does that work? You have to pay a whole years subscription up front.

Seeing all the people in super hero costumes made me wonder if people in the MCU dressed up as Thanos for Halloween, or would that be taboo like a Hitler costume.

“Rogers-The Musical” definitely needs a fake Broadway Cast Album. :smiley:

I liked it. It was more my thing than Falcon and Winter Soldier was, which now sits on the bottom of the Disney+ MCU list for me*. It’s big on banter and I love that kind of thing, especially as Clint has always had a dry cynical wit about all of this from the start.

*Except for What If…? which doesn’t count

Watched the first one, and I like it so far. My only issue is that it seems like all the fight scenes are in slo-mo, or just choreographed clumsily. Punch-step-pause-punch-pause-punch-pause-step-kick-pause.

I wouldn’t. It was (deliberately) comically bad.

Notes: Generally enjoyable, although even for a superhero story I’m finding Jack incredibly two-dimensional and generic as a bad guy thus far, and Clint’s casual “Hey, I’m just going to saunter under the police tape in front of this large crowd and raid a firetruck and no one will notice” move really strained my suspension of disbelief. I noted that Clint’s approach to the fire scene was, as always, to look at it from above. And I’m guessing we’ll see Grills again.

Hailee Steinfeld is great. Loved her in True Grit, and she’s pretty good in Dickinson too.

Oh, she’s great and much more charismatic than Renner IMHO. The end credits on the second episode were amazing and somehow ominous. So far it’s pretty entertaining-not Must See Tv but at least Wanna Watch Tv.

The “tracksuit mafia” was a little too goofy but overall the show is good and entertaining. Hailee is extremely charming in anything she does.

Just watched the first two episodes.

I think I’d say “fairly fun” rather than “lots of fun”, but otherwise I agree.

The boss lady is indeed deaf - she’s a character from the comics - I won’t spoil it, other than to say that having her bossing the Track Suit Mafia diverges significantly from the comics version but in a way that makes sense as a different spin on the character. Clint’s combat-induced hearing loss is also taken from the comics (although in the comics it was a single incident, not generalized trauma).

So far, I think the only hearing characters we’ve seen using ASL are Bart’s son, Nate, who is probably learning it to better communicate with his now-hearing impaired father, and the Track Suit Mafia Big Goon, who seemed to only have a clumsy command of a couple of signs, to communicate with his deaf boss. Seems about right to me.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Especially Ronin, Jr.'s first fight, where the goons often seemed to just…pause. For several seconds. For no reason. On the other hand, the Track Suit Mafia are obviously supposed to be kind of comic relief, not ninjas or HYDRA. But still, a bit disappointing in an MCU action series.

I’m thinking maybe that’s on purpose? He’s just a little too obvious as the bad guy? Armand Duquesne might not have been the bad guy in his argument with Kate’s mom - it actually sounded kind of like she might have been threatening him. Jack Duquesne might be a bit of a red herring - Kate’s mom just might actually be the real bad guy - the wealthy head of an elite private security corporation is rarely the good guy…

Also, in the comics

Jack Duquesene / The Swordsman was a rogue, not really an evildoer, and vacillated between being a generally honorable and even likeable supervillain and a bad-boy superhero.

Yeah, and even though everyone seems to recognize him in every single other scene - he is one of the most famous men in the world and doesn’t have a secret identity - somehow no one recognizes him in the fireman gear. Maybe everyone around actually did see him and recognize him and knew what he was doing the whole time, but no one wanted to embarrass him by pointing out how dumb his plan was, and, well, he is an Avenger, and he probably could have just asked to see the scene, so everyone just let him and pretended not to notice?

I haven’t seen True Grit, but otherwise, 100% agree with both of these comments.

I thought they were pretty much exactly goofy enough.

That hurts, bro.

I think you’re right, and it’s the true indicator of the tone of the whole series. If you accept them, and that it’s a low stakes storyline about a superhero who just wants to get home to his family for Christmas, you’ll go along for the ride. It’s Die Hard with arrows.

I meant ASL literacy in general. In more than one show I have encountered there will be characters who know ASL for reasons (a previously unmentioned deaf cousin or something)

I am all for ASL, I just think it is more common on TV shows than in real life, but I admit I haven’t done extensive research


Also: Technically Ant-Man WAS there.

Ant-Man wasn’t at the Battle of New York, which is what that song is about.

Here’s the official release of Rogers The Musical song “Save The City”. Though I thought it was called I Can Do This All Day.

Sure he was…