Hawkeye, new Marvel show on Disney+

The first trailer just dropped for the next Marvel series after What If? ends. Hawkeye, starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. Comes out Nov 24.

Looks like it maintains the character’s cynicism and sarcasm. Probably tonally like Falcon and Winter Soldier. Or like the Black Widow movie.

Notably absent, Linda Cardellini.

Ha! Rogers The Musical!

“If this is their idea of Christmas, I gotta be here for New Year’s…”

Eh, Renner hasn’t impressed me up till now, and his Ronin haircut and “kill criminals for no good reason” rampage was an odd choice, but I’ll give it a shot despite him.

If the rumor is true and it’s based on Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye series, we’re in for a treat. And a lot of humor. And some nice interactions with Kate Bishop.

(Click on the cover for a preview of the first couple of pages):

Or better yet, just get a copy.

Looks like fun!

I love the Matt Fraction comic and am stoked for this. Hawkeye was always my favorite avenger, but I hated how the MCU made him a Very Serious Dude (caveat: I haven’t seen a lot of the latest MCU movies). I don’t know if that’s just what Renner brought to the role or if they didn’t think they could have two wisecracking dudes since Iron Man was already in play. But this looks like more what I like about the character.

Featuring “Thor” and “Loki” (stage right) and “Hulk” (stage left), at a quick glance.

Are any of these Marvel shows going to be released on blu ray? Or am I stuck either never seeing them or shelling out for D+?

The evident reason (anger and bitterness that so many scummy criminals lived when his family died) is admittedly not a very good reason in an objective sense, but I found it a believable one.

The rest of the “Avengers” are up at the top behind him. Not sure who the two guys right behind him are supposed to be. Nick Fury?

“The best gifts come with a bow”.
I, for one, enjoyed that


AFAIK, no D+ Originals have been made available on Blu-ray. Disney really wants to drive eyes (and sweet, sweet subscription $$$) to D+. You sell a man a Blu-ray disc, and you’ve made one sale. You sell a man a D+ subscription, and you’ve made sales for a lifetime.

Of course, that marketing strategy could change tomorrow. But short of drastic change in Disney’s strategy, you’re probably stuck never seeing them or shelling out for D+.

I’d have felt better if they hadn’t apparently been all non-white criminals.

I’ve not been a fan in the comics of the use of Kate, …but here Hailee really sells it. I’m looking forward to this.

I wait until a couple of good Marvel series are done, then sign up for a month, catch up, and cancel. For a couple of bucks, I see all sorts of good Marvel/Star Wars/Nostalgic stuff.

Of course, I don’t get much else done for that month (which is why it’s good that I don’t have Dizzy+ all the time).

I guess that there’s just no way to go back in time and make it all right then…

“Oh, For The Love of Pete, Kiss Her and Let’s Put Dormammu Asleep…!”

< Errrgh…! >

(said it first & here)

I fully expect a cameo from John McClane…and will be disappointed if there isn’t one.

Well, we all know how racist the mouse is against it’s asian market what with all of their billions and billions of dollars.

I like West Coast Avengers volume 3.

(Given that it only lasted 10 issues apparently I’m the only one.)