Which Avenger will never ever get a movie ?

Ok, there seems to be a major plan from Marvel on setting up quite a big “Avengers” movie franchise (I include in that movies like “Captain America” “Thor” and on). The Avengers are probably the team with the largest roster in all of the Marvel universe. So, let’s imagine the original plans for the Avenger movie really works, and Marvel Studio has another winner. Moreover, the movies linked to the Avengers really work as well.
Marvel then considers what other members of the Avengers should get a movie.

Which member of the Avenger, past or present, will never ever get a shot to movie stardom, whatever the circumstances? You get to pick one, and explain why you think Marvel will never ever consider this one.

My first guess is Mantis. I think she’s a little out there as far as characters go and the fact that her creator took her around to other comic companies and wrote her in there.

Not that someone making a movie couldn’t completely ignore that.

Here is a mostly complete list to work from.



Who the heck even remembers him? They practically had to apologize about putting him in issue #100, which contained all Avenger members up until then.

Hank Pym (Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp). He’s basically Tony Stark with no money, crippling insecurities, and an anger problem.

Well, it’s taking a while, but the Ant-Man movie is still going ahead.

Dr. Druid. Because, really.

The Vision, maybe?

Wasp. The original one. Alter-ego Janet What’s-her-face who was Hank Pym’s girlfriend.

:: snooooooooze ::

Moira Brandon. Two appearances ever (not “two appearances as an Avenger”, I mean…period. Ever.) I know the wiki page says she was an “honorary member” but per JLA/Avengers, Busiek and Perez confirmed that the Avengers think of her as a member and she appeared there in one panel, as a photograph.

Excluding her? Rage. Lamest Costume Ever. Including “D-Man”. Plus he’s like a 12 year old kid.

Teen Tony Stark His origin is worse than, say, Nathaniel Summers. He’s something like a parallel universe teenage version of Tony Stark.

D-Man. A mentally ill, homeless guy who has super strength and who’s costume is a bad mix of Daredevil’s original costume and Wolverine’s hood.

Any of the Great Lakes Avengers except maybe Squirrel Girl. :wink:

I almost said Falcon, but the mileage you could get by turning a Falcon movie into a no-holds-barred action blaxploitation spectacle is too high on second thought.

ETA: Or Jocasta. Ninety minutes of standing around whining about being ignored doesn’t make a good superhero movie.

jayjay–you take that back about Jocasta. It would be 80 minutes of standing around doing nothing, 5 minutes of dying via heroic sacrifice and 5 minutes of everyone feeling bad about how they didn’t know her better. And then forgetting about her until the next time she’s rebuilt. THAT’S what would happen. :mad:


I’d say Jarvis - whom at least Captain America considers an official member of the team. Not because he is a bad character, but because he’s a butler (or “gentleman’s gentlman”) with no super-powers. The only movie he could be the main star in would be a remake of “Remains of the Day.” I do hope though that he will be in the upcoming movie as a flesh & blood character, not some disrembodied computer voice.
IIRC, Triathlon was not particularly well embraced by series fans. He had an ugly costume, not especially interesting powers (he was “three times stonger, tougher & faster than the average man”, and he was on a team with Gods who were a HUNDRED times stronger than the average man) and his backstory read like a checklist of trite cliches of African-American heroes (sports star turned petty criminal/ “black” version of a former white hero the 3-D Man/ chip on his shoulder and angry attitude toward “whitey.”) There was also a rumor floating about when he was introduced that he would be revealed to be gay. I personally would have liked that to happen, but I know more than a few fanboys were up in arms about the idea.
Deathcry was perhaps the epitome of bad 90s comic book characters. As Kurt Busiek put it, she was conceived for no other reason than to make the Avengers seem more like the X-Men.

Hey, the Wasp has always been one of my favorite characters! Too bad she’s currently “dead”…

Sadly, the Wasp will never get one. I’d not be surprised if she doesn’t even appear in the film coming up. Bastards. I blame Quesada, and while it would be wrong of me to pay one of you to bring me his liver, I would not be averse to someone locking him in a room with Hannibal Lecter.


I suspect Thor, Jan, & Hawkeye would share that view. Not Tony, but then he’s an ass.

At least the Wasp will always live on in my deranged paraphiliac imagination. I do pics of her all the time at my Deviant Art account. Of course, she’s usually getting KOed, since I have a “knocked out superheroine” fetish…
But, back to the topic at hand – until this thread, I had completely forgotten about the likes of Rage, D-Man, and Triathlon. No, no movies for those guys, definitely!

No offense to any potential fans out there, of course. I suppose every character, no matter how obscure, is someone’s favorite!

Are you dense or something?

I don’t think Mike Gambit has much of a chance.

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