Did we all see the same movie? Avengers

I was looking forward to seeing this movie based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I ended up not really enjoying it as much as most of the Marvel movies.

I first of all did not look forward to another movie with Loki as villain, also there was just too much focus on Hawkeye and the other non-super member.

The new guy they got to play Bruce just wasn’t doing it for me, also the first Hulk out was kinda lame. The most interesting characters were not given much to do, like Cap.

The movie seemed overly long and then comes a required boss battle near the end, I lost interest.

Sorry to hear that. I thought the exact opposite on all counts, and apparently so did the rest of the world.

De gustibus but I think it was the best superhero movie ever made and rather than raping my childhood like GI Joe did, it took my childhood for a nice game of catch and a trip to the beach with no sexual overtones whatsoever…


I saw Avengers before I saw Thor, so I didn’t have the Loki problem, but I could see how that could bother you. The movie was perfect in every other way, though.

I tried to watch Thor after watching Avengers, but gave up about halfway through. It was terrible. Loki in this was just peachy, though. Hawkeye was great, and I want to see more of him.

Hulk was very nearly the best thing about the movie, Ironman possibly excepted. I’ve never quite bought Hulk before. This movie made the character work for me. I was fine with the low amount of Cap screen-time.

The final battle was pretty good, but it wasn’t the best thing about the movie. The Hulk/Loki fight might have been the best thing about the movie.

Yeah, everything the OP lists as a fault is what I loved about the flick.

OK, granted, I have yet to see Thor, so it wasn’t ‘another’ movie with Loki, but Loki was still amazing.

I love Hawkeye and Widow in this flick (odd, given how little I like either of them in the comics) - her introductory fight is the best action sequence in the flick, though Loki getting whatsisface’s eye scan was pretty amazing, too. I think Ruffalo is the best Banner yet (and Hulk looks great modeled after him). OK, I could have handled more screen time for Cap, Thor, and Iron Man, but only by making the movie longer, not cutting into anyone else’s time.

No, Superman (the first with Chris Reeve) was the best*. Avengers was the second best and the most fun.

  • if that had not been made, Superhero films would have likely continued in their B movie role.

Huh? Hawkeye was in maybe 15 minutes of the movie before the end fight.

It sometimes seemed like he and Widow were the main characters, I’ll admit I didn’t actually time it.

One thing I did like was apparently Tony Stark and Pepper are letting their facade slip as shown in Avengers, it never did make sense that they love each other intimately yet have no relationship.

I did wonder if the movie had a bunch of references going over my head, I’ve never been a comic fan really and was only familiar with most of the characters through osmosis.

“Sometimes” is about right. The movie has several main characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. They all got screen time. Why wouldn’t they?

I’m puzzled at this. They didn’t actually admit actual love for each other until Iron Man 2, did they? And then their relationship wasn’t looked at again until Avengers. So I’m not sure where this facade comes from.

From the first Iron Man it was obvious they were in love, it grated even there when they(well I guess Pepper mostly) insisted it was all platonic boss and employee professional interaction. This was maintained in IM2 wasn’t it? I don’t remember an admission of love, so Avengers would be the first time we’ve seen them drop the bullshit.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Why was the new Banner wearing a bowler hat all the time? And how come Loki was now scottish and had a weather controlling machine?


No, it was not maintained. At the end of IM2, they are kissing on the rooftop when Rhodes interrupts them.

15 minutes too many, I’ll say. He was the hands-down worst thing about an otherwise excellent movie.

According to this, Cap got more screen time than Iron Man – both of whom got more time than the Black Widow, who got more time than Thor, who got more time than Hawkeye. (If you include the Hulk’s screen time, Banner edges out Thor – but even without factoring in his CGI persona, Ruffalo spends more time on-screen than Renner.)


Black Widow was one of the best things in this movie. Sure, it’s absurd that an ordinary woman with an ordinary handgun would be much help in the alien invasion scene. But the scene where she interrogated Loki, and you thought Loki was getting under her skin, and then suddenly, Loki lets something slip and she snaps back into total professionalism, and you know she was playing him all along…that was one of the best scenes in the whole movie.

Much as I loved the movie I couldn’t stand Black Widow in it. Scarlett Johansson was terrible, especially compared to all of the other acting in the movie, and Black Widow came of as an utterly generic acrobatic action girl that every action film seems to have nowadays. She really served little purpose in the film, in fact I’m of the opinion that she was only really there for the purposes of having a hot actress run around in a skin tight suit.

I had no problem with Bruce, maybe because it’s been so long since I saw The Hulk that I didn’t even know it wasn’t the same guy. Or care, really, because he’s not the Hulk, he’s Bruce.

Other than that, I pretty much agree. A bow and arrow didn’t do much for the Indians against single shot rifles, so I doubt it’s going to do much against space ships or whatever. In fact, anybody who couldn’t fly, which pretty much just left Iron Man, would have been useless against the aliens — all they had to do was, you know, attack someplace else. I never really got what the aliens’ goal was, but it seems to me that if humanity’s last hope is standing back to back in Manhattan waiting to face them, they could have just ignored them and attacked LA or DC or London. The movie reminded me of the cowboys in Blazing Saddles lining up to go through a toll booth in the middle of the desert.

I didn’t get what good Fury did just yelling at people all the time, and I didn’t get why people who have no super powers are super heroes. Did Scarlett Johansson do anything Bruce Willis didn’t do in Die Hard?

Ok I thought of something else that annoyed which was the totally pointless plotline of Tony using Jarvis to hack SHIELD’s computers and discover…dun dun DUN they were trying to develop weapons capable of fighting the super villains and aliens etc that have been attacking earth in recent years. They all get indignant and confront Fury and nothing really.

The plot was dumb from the start, we the audience know the characters will not turn their back on:

The USA(aside from Thor they all are americans)
The Earth(aside from Thor I guess)

Pointless plot.

Loki’s goal was to crush New York and then turn to the world and say, “I’m your god now!” He assumed after such an awesome display of power that the war would be over after one day.

SHIELD is building weapons using the energy from the Tesseract (AKA Cosmic Cube), an inherently unstable energy that almost wiped out New York in Captain America and destroyed the SHIELD base in the beginning of The Avengers.