Hawkeye, new Marvel show on Disney+

Sure he was. It just took him longer to get there.

Edit: jinx!

I hope Echo is really amazing in this. Slightly surprised Marvel approved her own series before she made her debut here and people decided if they liked her or not.

Also, after watching Kate I kind of want Hailee and Mary Elizabeth Winstead to team up in an action film.

The fact the Ronin outfit was in Avengers HQ shouldn’t make it too hard to figure out who he was.

Baddies will have access to SOME info. Black Widow would be my first guess. But she was leader of the Avengers and some investigating would lead one to find she couldnt be in two places at once. So out of undusted heroes, it comes down to Hawkeye. Even though that kind of thing isnt the same as being an expert marksman and golfer.

Or maybe the baddies will just conclude the Avengers got him.

I thought that was sort of the implication regarding the beginning, where the Bishops seem to be struggling financially, with and then in ‘the present’, where she seems to be doing a bit more than alright—mystery wealth is practically always something nefarious.

I’m glad Hawkeye got his own series and I liked the change of pace from Gods v Galactic dangers!

Not to mention the fact that the suit he wears as Hawkeye after that was just the Ronin suit without the hood.

look - when you take out all of the major crime organizations - you get left with what left.

(I thought they were hilarious)

Exactly. Unemployment has hit organized crime hard too. Why be a hood with no 401K, vacation days, or regular hours…when I can make more at Amazon??

I read somewhere that this felt more like one of the Netflix shows and I agree. Not that I haven’t liked or loved the other D+ stuff, but you’d had to have seen every single MCU thing to be able to follow them, but this show you could have a passing familiarity and not be overly confused. It spells it out for you and goes slow and is well balanced.

My kid is super excited because Kate Bishop is the favorite comics character. I was a little unexcited but I really like it and it might end up my favorite, which I didn’t expect. Too early to tell, but it’s going in the right direction.

Tis a pity they’re in competing comic book cinematic universes. And as very similar characters too.

Just watched the first two episodes. I’m all in. I love Hailee Steinfeld as the “wannabe hero who’s in over her head,” and Jeremy Renner brings a world-weariness to Clint that’s kinda refreshing. I loved Hawkeye in the comics, but he wasn’t my favorite in the films (that went to Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk).

This has the potential to be the best of the MCU shows. I see that Linda Cardellini is involved, and it looks like Florence Pugh is going to make a few appearances. I like the small-world building that they’re doing. Seems like a fun ride.

Eh, Jeffrey Wright is bouncing back and forth. And it’s a multiverse now, so… :grin:

I think Kate’s mother killed Armand. Kate clearly wants to see Jack as the bad guy, so it’ll be more interesting if it’s revealed that he’s actually not that bad. The butterscotch as a murder clue was a huge stretch. Jack could have just taken it during a normal family visit with his uncle, or they might have those candies made for the entire Armand family.

As unkind as it is to say, Jack doesn’t look like he’s in shape to go vs an Avenger or her sidekick, so the sword fight might have been some-off. Maybe he’s SHIELD?

I mean, karate and fencing trophies aside, Kate Bishop is still just a 22 year old girl with no superpowers or military training. They can’t exactly have the bad guys be Hydra super-soldiers.

But overall, I thought it was fun. I kind of like Hawkeye’s “low stakes” perspective of the MCU world.

The montage how Clint may have lost his hearing was also cute.

Well I was talking about the way they acted, not the combat effectiveness.

I like this theory.

I liked the first two episodes. At points they started to lean a bit too far to the comedy side of things, but it was still enjoyable. The track suit mafia guys were funny, but it’s going to be hard to take any threats seriously after the show has Clint completely unbothered by being tied up with ten guns in his face.

During the dinner scenes with Kate, her mother, and Jack, I was sure they were setting up the old “suspect knows something they shouldn’t” bit when Kate kept going on about how Armand had been killed with a sword. The murder weapon wasn’t mentioned in the news report we saw.

Actually-how did SHE know that? All I saw was that he’s been stabbed.