HBO Angels in America: Is that a funeral? Whose?

I am only on disc one of Angels in America, but there was a scene where several of the characters are watching the same thing on TV, some public event at which President Reagan is speaking, possibly eulogizing. Among the attendees are John Kennedy Jr.

I got the sense I was supposed to know what this was, but I was pretty out of the media loop in 1985.

Anybody know?

I haven’t watched the miniseries in quite a while, but Reagan attended the funeral of Roy Cohn. I don’t know if he spoke, but it wouldn’t have been inconceivable (nor would it have been for JFK2 to attend as Cohn, in addition to being a major NYC power broker, was a friend of Jackie O’s longtime companion Maurice Tempelman).

Could also have been the Challenger crew (January 1986), at which Reagan definitely spoke. In fact it probably is, because that’s about the time that Millennium ends and Perestroika begins.

Couldn’t have been Roy Cohn, because he’s alive during this part