HBO Rocks!!! (Flight of the Conchords)

So yes, HBO is really awesome with their having picked up, Flight of the Concords. They are making a program about the New Zealand band of the same name. You can see the pilot episode here:

On a side note: Kudos to HBO for realizing the value of the internet in getting the word out about the show. This way I can imagine that most people will be excited about the show. At the very least I’ll get to see 13 episodes of these guys. It almost makes me feel better after Arrested Development left. It’s quite good, and besides the two main characters, I really like the NZ cultural atache. Give it a chance, it’s pretty good if you like that sort of thing.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was already planning to watch this. I saw them in an HBO comedy special within the past year and really loved their act. One of them has been in some Outback ads, too. Fresh take on comedy/music.

HBO ran a series called “One Night Stand” a couple years ago. It was 30 minute stand up from a bunch of comedians.

One of the weeks, it was “Flight of the Conchords”. It was remarkably funny.

The did the song about the dragon, and the free-style with “rhyme-nocerus” and “hip-hoppapotamus”. Totally funny, and I think the show will be good too. The main two guys are very likeable.

There’s a fun interview of the guys by Terry Gross here.

I really love their guitar work. The comedy is hilarious, too.

I thought Jemaine’s commercials for Outback were really dumb.

Wait, did those guys do a song about robots killing everybody? Because that was awesome.

My introduction to the Flight of the Choncords: Business Time! (TOPIC may be NSFW, but the song itself is - no language issues)


I watched this last night! The show danced on the fine line between being absolutely hilarious and horridly unwatchable. The Dating Song and Robots Song (which I’d heard once before) were both the best thing ever. The Crying Song? a little less so.
I hope it keeps going, but I certainly don’t see mainstream comedy in this show. It’s good to see HBO trying something a little quirky.

I thought the entire thing was hilarious.


I liked the little bits with Judah Firedlander and the cake or the lonely guy (I guess he’s also the buildings super?) and the faucet. The songs were great.

I really loved the ending song…

When they cut to the bit where it was both of their faces at perpendicular angles, switching between the two! Oh god, it’s so melodramatic and artsy for the subject matter.

“For your information it’s an information in my tear gland”


Aww, you lucky buggers. The show isn’t on Aust telly… yet… I loves me some Conchords, saw them live a few times in Melbourne. As I once picked up at one of their gigs, all women are either Jemainiacs or Bretalisers. (I’m the former.)

But in case you need an extra reason to love Bret, he was an elf in LOTR - and fan-named Figwit.

Just saw it again and I can’t believe I missed a few gags.

The “fan” says “Sometimes what you’re looking is right in front of you…” and they quickly show a girl in the background whom I have a feeling will show up later.

As she’s breaking up with him, in the background there’s a “No Dumping” sign.

Also missed this one:

“You don’t want to have a love triangle, like Fleetwood Mac. Well, actually there were four of them, so it was more of a love cube. Although they did their best work then.”
“No, it’s true.”

I’m sure it’s a typo, but it was “for your information it’s an inflammation in my tear gland.”

Also liked the lyric “I’m chopping up onions. I’m making a lasagna… ::whispers:: For one.”

Bret played “Figwit” in LOTR:


Must be an antipodean thing because there has just about always been one or several such musical/comedy acts around ever since the Doug Anthony Allstars back in the 80s. There have been Sock, The 4 Noels, Tripod, Cosmic Egg, The Laundromats, Big Brother Little Brother, Scared Weird Little Guys and lots of others.

“You can’t break my heat, it’s liquid, because it melted when I met you”


“Don’t get with your bandmate’s girl…past or present”

I don’t know why but for some reason when he said, “past or present” it just really cracked me up. I really like the Murray character…

“Well…yea- obviously”
“It’s just a thing I do. Even I do it. Murray, present…See? Even I do it”

I’m really starting to get a handle on the NZ accent. When they say things with short vowels it gets mangled. I thought “Brett” was “Britt” for a while.

For anyone who enjoys this deadpan-silly sense of humor, you should keep an eye out for the film Eagle vs Shark, starring the glasses guy from this show. It’s the strangest romantic comedy in years.
My opinion: funny, but a little of this stuff goes a long way.


Binary solo…

They’re like the bastard sons of They Might Be Giants and Tenacious D.

Business Time is indeed their finest song. All it takes for me to reduce my boss to hysterical laughter is to say, all sexy:

“Two minutes in Heaven is better than one minute in Heaven.”