HBO's VEEP: Anybody else watching?

I haven’t found any other in-depth threads about this show, and it’s one of my favorite sitcoms ever.

Before starting to discuss it, is anybody else watching it?

I love it! I binge watched the first two seasons last week and got caught up. Very funny and clever.

I never particularly cared for Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on SEINFELD, but she is wonderful on this show: perfect timing, great delivery, you both like and dislike the character- everything she should be.

There’s not a bad actor in the cast, but Anna Chlumsky and Timothy Simons (Jo-nad) are my favorites.

I love this show, all the characters are great, I always watch for Selena and Gary’s interactions as well as Jonah (Jo-nad) and his oblivion to the pile on from everyone on Selena’s staff, especially Selena :slight_smile:

Old thread for S1:
We watch it, but sometimes it’s so cringe-worthy that I have to mute temporarily. That pretty much includes any scene in which Gary is whispering in her ear as she greets people.

I love it. Love love love it. Huge fan of Tony Hale and even though I am a lady who’s straight as a board I want to stare at Julia all day long. All day.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on half the time, but I still love it. The stuff with Christopher Merloni was a hoot!

Judging by this and his role as Freakshow Harold & Kumar, he has great comic timing. I loved his total tone deafness as he’s talking about fat kids having baggage from reincarnation and other Scientology like notions.

Dan (Reed Scott) is one of the hottest actors on TV. I can’t stand his character but he has major charisma, which works.

Ben (the old advisor to PotUS) has some of the best lines from the show, and best delivery.

Speaking of PotUS, I love that they call him that and you never see him or even learn what party he’s a member of, and it’s not necessary.

A favorite scene from this scene was Selina trying to assure an abortion rights activist (but she didn’t know if she was pro- or anti- abortion) that she was on her side.

Love it.

Great show.

Armando Iannucci, the creator of VEEP, first did a British version called The Thick of It that is much, much better. It was on the free version of Hulu last I checked.

I’m sure you guys have seen this but I actually randomly watched it again the other day, just because I remembered it and it had been so funny to me.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ 2013 Emmy acceptance speech.

I tend to believe that DC politics is a lot more like Veep than The West Wing.

Pretty much all of the cast members have said that when they meet DC insiders the first thing they say is how accurate the show is, especially when it comes public image uber alles.

Is it about a politician also?

House of Commons. If you like VEEP and British humor, you’ll love The Thick of It.

He also made a brilliant movie called In the Loop which has a lot of the same characters as The Thick of It and some of the same actors as VEEP too.

Absolutely. I was talking to someone who works on the Hill at a party and I told him that DC is more like Veep than House of Cards and he agreed.

Certainly, if you cross In The Thick of It with Yes, Minister, you’ve nailed London politics.

Armando Iannucci isn’t a lightweight - top line satirist.

Not only that, it uses a lot of the same directors too ( and in a treat for those who are fans, none other than Christopher Morris guest-directs some of the episodes)

Great show, though it regularly brings me right to the edge of how much cringeworthy awkwardness I can stand.

There is something I wonder about though. When Gary whispers in Selena’s ear, is it actually meant to be that loud, or is that just for the audience’s sake? It usually seems like it’s loud enough that everyone around should be able to hear, which would just make it more awkward if everyone else is just kinda pretending they don’t hear him.

I love JLD, am a political junkie and watched the first few episodes, but thought it was meh.

I actually haven’t watched the first season.

You should watch season three and love it because my best pal Greg had a day part in it.

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