HD radio

What are the cheapest options for getting HD radio in my car?

My favorite morning show is going defunct, but they’re going to start an online and HD radio station with a similar playlist. I want to listen in my car, but we’re pretty broke.

(I tried searching, but had no luck. If this has been discussed, feel free to link me to the thread.)

Just listen to Rush Limbaugh! Both high and deaf!

I’ve been checking out HD radios costs as well because of The Morning Show change as well. The costs really are all a bit :eek: especially with a tight budget brought on by the poor economy. I was hoping for a portable type radio for home and car use, but still way to early in the technology for that.

Sorry, I can’t help with any direct advice. Just wanted to commiserate with a fellow Morning Show listener.

On the plus side, with the reduced hours at work I can go the the final show on the 11th.

Added- I’m wondering if I can get an mp3 player and if they will have the shows available for download for their Webpage. If you have access to high speed connection (such as at work) that would be the cheap method.

If I want to listen at home or work, I can just listen online. However, I almost never listen to radio anywhere except in the car. I pretty much assumed it would be cost prohibitive, but I was hoping.

(Bet Best Buy stores in the TC area see a big jump in HD radio sales in the next few weeks :D)

I didn’t pay attention to car radio costs when I checked out Best Buy the other day. This site has retrofit radios for $120 and up. That seems to be the same price as for home systems. Not in the present budget and it sounds as if you’re in the same situation.

I’ve been listening to Dale and Jim Ed for 19 years. The withdrawal pains could be severe unless I manage to sort out the HD radio issue. One I can take with me would eliminate the need for separate ones at home and in the car.

It’s funny, I clicked on this thread because of my recent searches for HD radios. I would not have guessed it was for the same reason. One more reason I love the SDMB!

[hijack]Is your name a reference to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? If so, right on! Awesome book.[/hijack]

Well then, here’s another coincidence for you. I’ve been listening to Dale and Jim for just under 19 years. :smiley: I moved here in June of 1990, and Fetchund made a point of introducing me to The Morning Show right away. I was disappointed in the mix change when they went to The Current, but it sounds like the new station will be more like the old mix.

I’m not sure how much you’re looking at spending, but you can get an HD radio from Crutchfield for $100.

I have this JVC that I bought from Crutchfield and installed myself. It’s been great.

GildedLily – While I too enjoyed reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (I have it in my collection and predates my interest in Sherlock Holmes), both the computer and I take our name from Sherlock Holmes’ older and smarter brother. It comes from Doyle’s original stories.

JustThinkin’ - Great! I love it. I was introduced to the program by a woman I was pursuing. She is long gone from my life but my MPR interest continues strong.

St. Urho - Thank you. The website looks good and the prices are nice. I am bookmarking it for when the job situation picks up again and I have extra cash.
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The nice thing about Crutchfield is they include the mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions to install it yourself.

Thanks! Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!