HDTV second PC monitor sound issue?

I have an Insignia 19 inch flat screen as a monitor to my HP PC connected by VGA cable with 3.5mm cable for sound.

For second monitor/big screen I tried to hook up Samsung Plasma HDTV via my PC DVI-D output to DVI-D adaptor to HDMI cable to HDMI in on HDTV. I got the picture fine. For sound I tried Line Out on PC to PC/DVI Audio input on HDTV with 3.5mm speaker cable but I have no sound. (Audio input is the way it is hooked up on the Insignia)

I also tried the PC’s S/PDIF Digital Audio output to HDTV PC/DVI Audio in with same cable but that did not work either.

What is a Toslink? Will that work with the Samsung PC/DVI Audio input?

The goal was to use the Samsung HDTV speakers.
I also have composite Pr Pb inputs open on the Samsung.

Oh. Perhaps this is helpful I am getting streaming video on the Samsung and still get the audio on the Insignia. I am using a 3.5mm splitter for both displays. I tried unplugging the Insignia and running straight to the Samsung…no sound.

Any suggestions…bad 3.5mm cable, wrong computer configuration???

The best thing to do is use a splitter for the existing audio you use for your monitor and run that cable to the DVI audio in on the tv.

However the best solution is having a video card with and HDMI port. Most that have a DVI port also have HDMI - either that or a display port. DVI as you know has no audio channel but HDMI does. Running an HDMI cable from your video card to your tv will solve the problem. However you will then have 2 competing devices and most likely, the sound card/audio chipset will be the default. To change that, you need to do a little tinkering.

In the system tray (area to the far right in the task bar), look for a speaker icon. There may be 2, choose the simple one in black and white. Right click and select playback devices. There should be at least 2.

Most likely, the default device are the speakers connected to your audio out port (I think it is color coded a light green). You can right click on the HDMI output and change that to the default.

However you can use more than one audio device at a time. Most playback software will let you choose which audio device to use. So if you set the HDMI out to the default, you can still use the analog audio out on a per application basis.

I can go into more detail if you like.

“For sound I tried Line Out on PC to PC/DVI Audio input on HDTV with 3.5mm speaker cable but I have no sound. (Audio input is the way it is hooked up on the Insignia)”

I used a splitter and tried it direct (disconnecting the Insignia) still no sound

In that case, since you know that there is in fact an audio signal being produced and output over the split cable, the issue has to be with the TV.

I can only guess here, but perhaps you need to configure the tv to accept input from the DVI-audio in port. IDK. I’ve never tried to use DVI + analog audio.

What video card do you have? Or does your motherboard have an IGP (integrated graphics processor). Are you sure that you don’t have an HDMI or display port on it?

I only have VGA output and DVI-D output on the PC…no HDMI output on PC sound card.

Used DVI-D adaptor to HDMI cable to Sansung HDTV input. I do not want to upgrade sound card if I can trouble shoot using existing connections.

Forgive my ignorance here…Under the Volume mixer- Device - I have Realtek Digital Audio speakers by default, but can switch to Realtek Digital Output via drop down menu.

Thank for your assistance Dzero

You can certainly try one of the digital outputs from your sound card, I just don’t have any experience with those.

If you do want to try it, at least temporarily, right click on the digital audio output and make it the default play back device. Then, if you have the correct cable, run that from the digital out on the sound card to DVI audio input on the tv.

I think they can be either copper or fiber optic depending on the type of output port, but since you’ve already plugged a 3/8" plug into that port, I’m guess it’s an analog input port. But IDK. See if you can get the TVs manual online. Most manufacturer’s make these manuals available as downloadable pdf files. That should give you some guidance.

edit: I don’t think you want to be in the volume mixer control sections. Setting the default playback device is done in the playback device section.

Downloaded the TV Manuel…found that the HDMI cable needed to be plugged into HDMI 1 on TV. After the switch from 2 the sound kicked in! Problem solved. Thanks for your help!