He brought me a muffin!!

I just have to brag on my son, Dominic (age 6)

Dominic went over to his friends’ house yesterday to play after school. When he came back he had a little sandwich bag with a few muffins in it that their mom had given him.

Last night I was in bed reading, and it was time for Dominic to go to sleep. He came into my room and put down a mug on my nightstand. “I brought you some orange juice and a muffin!” and he handed me a muffin. How on earth did I get such a sweet kid??

That is sweet. He sounds like a nice kid, OpalCat .

You have a lovely son!

He is my pride and joy :slight_smile:


He didn’t get that way all on his own, Opal. He may have been born a sweet darling person, but his parents had a hand in encouraging that as opposed to messing it up. IMHO.

But…hooray for him, however he got that way!


Check his arms for needle marks. This is the same thing they do when you give blood, so maybe someone is draining your kid without telling you.

I looked at Nicky’s web page, and I feel broody now! If there’s any chance of having a child as sweet as Nicky, then I WANT CHILDREN NOW. Weird. Never felt broody before.

(oh, and zen101, wtf?)