He is here: Baby Boy, meet the Dopers. Dopers, meet Baby Boy.

I’m in a bit of a fog here in the hospital, but I wanted to let you all know. After feeling labor pains on and off for a couple of days, hubby and I went to the labor & delivery wing of the hospital for the fourth time in 10 days. Now, however, I was past 37 weeks–and Baby Boy was officially full term.

Sunday night, Trent William–AKA Baby Boy 2.0–was delivered via c-section. I was indeed in labor and had dilated to 4cm, but alarmingly Trent’s heart had an arrhythmia. The OB on call was concerned the stress of labor may increase that problem, and with my history of back surgeries, he suggested stopping my labor and instead giving me a C-section. Scared the poop out of me. They sent in a tech to do an ultrasound so they could check his heart as well as fluids and such, (which were fine), and two nurses came in and very, verrrrry carefully listened to Trent’s heart on the monitor. I hadn’t a clue anything was wrong until they mentioned the arrhythmia (he was moving so much his heartbeat was often hard to hear). The OB said “We can do the C-section in 2 hours.” Yikes! But, we realized it would be best for Trent…and so I had my C-section that night.

Because I had had two back surgeries since the birth of my first, they had to knock me out, which was a bit unnerving. Actually, I was terrified. Being wheeled in to that cold room, knowing I was being knocked out, having my arms srapped down, being worried about baby’s heart, not having hubby with me…gah. I started crying and had to fight the urge to completely break down sobbing, but the nurses were all very sweet and reassuring. It took me a while to wake up enough to meet my little man, but I did and kissed his precious little head while hubby cradled him.

It was a very, very different experience than I had giving birth to my first. Cold, clinical, sudden, frightening–but in both situations, I still got a healthy baby boy out of the deal.

Trent was born at 8:54pm, weighing 7lbs 5oz and measuring 19 3/4in long. That’s 6oz lighter and 1/2in longer than his big brother. :slight_smile: Oh, and his heart was FINE–they think maybe the contractions were causing stress, or it could just be an unknown. The pediatrician said that sometimes they see things in utero that just disappear at birth–this, thankfully, appears to be one of those situations. Once he was out, all things were normal. And despite barely being full term by their standards–37 weeks 1 day–his lungs are working just fine. As we all deliver by 37 weeks in my family, I wasn’t surprised.

I have some pictures I’ll upload when I’m not so foggy headed. It takes a few days for the general anesthesia to get out of my system. Bleh.

BTW, Trent was initially a little hesitant (“What do I do with this thing?”), but after about 12-16 hours has taken to the breast. He’s already had several mini-meals of mommy’s milk. Good boy! (And yeouch–lanolin cream, please!)

Welcome to the world, and the Dope, Ruffian’s Baby Boy!


Fabulous news! I think that full anesthesia is nerve-wracking anyway, but in those circumstances - being strapped down, worrying about your baby’s health - it’s even worse. Glad you and the little guy made it through with no problems, and glad to hear he’s decided that this eating thing is going to work out for him. :smiley:


Trent William. What a nice, strong name for a strong little guy. Congratulations! How’s big brother taking it?

Welcome baby Trent! Congrats Ruffian!!! I am really pleased to hear it all worked out okay in the end, after all those unnerving false starts!

Congrats! That labor story was harrowing, but ALL stories of labor are, aren’t they? ( At least to the woman going through it.) Love the name you picked for the little guy!

Since I’m 6 months pregnant with my first baby and feeling nervous about the whole delivery thing, these baby stories are more exciting and interesting than ever.
I’m sorry it was scary for you, I can only imagine how you must’ve felt, but very happy baby Trent came out healthy and latching on easily.
Eagerly awaiting pictures.


Congratulations to Ruffian and Trent and the whole family!

Mazel tov! Good health and happiness to little Trent.

I skipped all the scary stuff while reading your post, and went right to the goods stuff, sorry, so congratulations!


Congratulations! I’m sorry you had such a scary experience with his birth. I hope it is the last fright he gives you for a good long time.

I’m so glad he’s here! I wish you a speedy recovery, as much sleep as is possible with a newborn, and lots of lovely snuggles.

And Lansinoh, too. :slight_smile:


Congrats! That means your baby boy is only five days younger than mine!

Well, it’s about damn time. Congrats to you and the tot…and I hear you about the lanolin cream. Owie owie owie!

Congratulations, Ruffian, and welcome, Trent! I’ve been following your pregnancy stories, and I’m so glad you’re both fine.

:Passes the lanolin and the jug of ice water and the ten-pound chocolate bar:

Finally! Congratulations not only on the birth of BB2, but also the end of pregnancy! Great name, glad you’re both healthy! We need pictures! I can’t stop using exclamation points!

Finally! Weren’t you starting to think he’d never come? That was an eventful late pregnancy and I’m glad you both made it through well.

Congratulations, Ruffian, to you and your family.

Lissla, I’d take that chocolate bar right now but, when I was breastfeeding, chocolate made my baby fussy, gave him cramps and made him spit up. It was a no-no for me. That sort of thing will vary from one mom to the next. Still, with a 10-lb bar, I’d worry about caffeine.

Congratulations, **Ruffian. **Wishing you a lifetime a lifetime of joy with your new family.