He-man Jets fan punches out little female Patriots fan. And it's her fault???

This story is topping the news here.

That is wrong on so many levels.

shrug there’s no way to tell what happened before the video started, but it looks like she was going after him. If you try to hit someone then they might hit back, even if you are little, female, and a Patriots’ fan.

He was protecting her by punching her? How exactly does that work?

I wonder if she has a body count in her past?

Well, she’s described as slender, but at 28 years old, not so little. But yeah, this is reprehensible. If he were defending himself against an assault by some beefy men, I think he was justified in throwing punches, but he shouldn’t need to use such force against a slightly built woman who was just punching him in the arm. I hope he’s found guilty of assault and thrown back in prison.

Maybe he thought she was Skeletor in disguise.

I’m a Pats fan and I’m not sure about this. If she comes up to him and starts hitting him (and it’s not clear that is what happened but the evidence shows that it’s certainly possible) then punching her in the face is not an unreasonable response. As an adult, if you start a fight you should expect to receive as good as you give. This isn’t a 6 year old kid, where a punch in the face would be unreasonable. A 28 year old isn’t exempt from retaliation just because she’s a woman.

So because he stabbed a guy 20 years ago when he was 18, he’s wrong in every situation from then on?

The ‘her’ is his mother.

Maybe not entirely exempt, depending on her actions. But I doubt she’s capable of “giving” enough, by hitting someone’s arm, to merit a real punch in return. There are other ways to respond without such a disproportionate escalation of violence.

He was protecting his Mom from the female Pats fan. (Ninja’ed!)

And, I’d be more concerned about the smile on his face afterwards. He really seemed to enjoy the punching…

We all make mistakes and not all of them need follow us our whole lives.

That said, I think that anyone, at any time in their adult life, who is capable of elevating casual violence to a lethal or maiming level needs extra watching and a tad less consideration when it shows signs of repeating.

Not to cross threads or pollute this one, but I have every expectation that George Zimmerman is going to pull his, “Oh, yeah? Well I have a GUN!” act one too many times to live a long life. Anyone who has learned to go extreme (in non-extreme circumstances) is more of a threat than anyone who has stayed on this side of deadly force.

The video sure makes it look like your little female Patriots fan was the aggressor. She seems to approach from the right, screaming at the dude. I don’t think anyone in the situation was demonstrating much wisdom, but if you approach someone threateningly while yelling abuse, a punch in the face is a not unexpected outcome.

To me, it looks like assault, met by battery. But I wasn’t there, and the video is crummy.

At the very beginning of the video I saw, someone is pulling him away from her. She follows, and slaps or punches at him, and he retaliates. The way I see it, they are both guilty.

To answer the thread title and going only by the video, yeah it’s her fault. She was going after him.

However, from what little I’ve read this all started in the stands and it involved more than those two people. The video only shows a very small part of it. So from the video it’s impossible who started it and who was at fault. But don’t go hitting anyone and expect to not get hit back.

That’s the video I saw, too. She’s lucky she’s not KTFO.

As much as I hate to say it, it looks like she escalated it and he was defending himself.
Add to that the fact that she didn’t even go down and I’m guessing he didn’t really haul off on her but gave her a jab to let her know she better knock it off. A guy that big could have flattened her if he wanted to; it kind of looks like he held back quite a bit.

She was going after him. Whether she actually laid hands on him is momentarily obscured, but physically she ran after him and was right on top of him. He could probably make a plausible self defense/threat argument. If a man, even a small slight one, had done what she did no one would be blinking twice about his getting hit.

Is the OP suggesting that it was NOT her fault?

I’m so fucking sick of this kind of sexism.

Women should NOT get a free violence pass because they have XX chromosomes.

And assuming that a woman could not cause physical harm and pain to a man is just absurd.
She attacked him. He defended himself. If she didn’t want to get punched in the face, she shouldn’t have gone after him.

The punch he gave her looked no harder than what another woman would be able to deliver. I’m pretty sure some chick coming at me the way it looks like she was in the video, I would also meet her face with a fist. But one chick punching another would never make the news.

There’s no way to tell what was really going on just from a few seconds of really bad video.

Yeah…it looks like she was going after him pretty hard. In such a situation why shouldn’t he defend himself?

And regardless of what happened earlier, he was moving away from her when she chased him - so she’s the one to blame.

If you’re going to bring up his past from 20 years ago, an equally valid question is to find out if she has any sort of history of fights, bans, violence or whatever. What’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander