"He reminded me of Peewee Herman."

I read a science fiction novel some years ago (about 8?) that had an interesting concept that the police used to get accurate descriptions of possible suspects. Instead of asking “What kind of hair, what did the chin look like, etc.”, witnesses were asked which celebrity the suspect most resembled. (It wasn’t related to the rest of the story, just part of the background.)

This seemed to me to be a very good way to get a description of a person of interest.

If you were a Person of Interest, who would witnesses say you looked like?

My wife says I would be Jerry Garcia, but Richard Dreyfus from “Nuts” would be who I think I most look like.

(BTW: Anyone know what book that was from?)

I would hope people would say I look like Melissa McCarthy, even though I don’t look like her. But people don’t know many fat lady celebs.

I’m much taller and have curly hair and don’t have such a pretty face. But that celebrity doesn’t exist!

Sadly, if she’s still on anyone’s radar, they might say I reminded them of Rosie Perez. My crime will have been that I shot the last a-hole that told me I remind them of Rosie freakin’ Perez :wink:

I’ve been told, at different times, I resemble: a young Lauren Bacall, Michelle Pfeiffer and Carly Simon

Mark Wahlberg if he let himself go.

I’ve been told I look like Jerry Garcia or “Kenny Fucking Rogers.” I suppose it depends on my weight at the time.

In my 30s, I was told a couple of times that I resembled Harrison Ford. But I think I grew out of it.

My wife says that I look like Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter movies).

She considers this to be a compliment. :cool:

That’s a bit unreasonable. Now, if they said you sounded like Rosie Perez no jury in the land would convict you.

I don’t look like anyone. Not even myself.

Back in my college days I was told that I reminded one guy of Peter O’Toole, and a young lady once said I looked like Ray Walston (probably from South Pacific, rather than My Favorite Martian, but who am I to say?).

When I was young, people compared me to both McCauley Culkin and Kurt Kobain.

Right now, probably Edward Snowden.

With my hair this short, I look kinda like that German soldier who shot Captain Miller at the end of Saving Private Ryan.

Richard Dreyfuss when people are being kind, Wilford Brimley when they’re not.

Bryan Cranston in full Heisenberg mode.

A lot of people say Jeff Bridges looks like me.

When I was 22 and in fighting shape, I got a lot of “Brandon Lee.” That made sense, as I’m also half Asian, was pretty ripped, and actually did look a bit like him. Plus it was 1995, when he was still a big name on the back of The Crow.

If he hadn’t died, had let himself go just a bit in his 30s, and were now Dadbod Brandon, I suppose I would still look like him. :slight_smile:

I get told I look like Steve Martin and Leslie Nielsen. I am tall with white hair; that’s all people see, I guess.

With my beard, people say I look like Hemingway. I wear sweaters a lot, too.

Maybe Andrew McCarthy.

A bald William Hurt