Do you look like any celebrities?

I’ve been told that I resemble Stevie Nicks, Amy Fisher, and Megan Follows at different times in my life, but the celebrity I get the most is Carrie Fisher. At some point, people always say I look kind of like her. That’s cool and all, but I’m more interested in who you look like. So, what celebrity do you resemble?

By the way, you can see pics of me here to compare. Also, this picture has a better view of my face.

If you don’t want to include a pic, that’s okay.:smiley:

I’ve been told that if Elizabeth Hurley and Roger Waters mated and produced young, I’d look exactly like said offspring. And then Mudshark once said I look like Grace Slick on the cover of…her greatest hits, I think it was.

[Oh, and I’m scannerless, so no pic at the moment. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible].

I’ve been told I look like LeeLee Sobieski, but I think that’s just becuase we’re both Polish. ::shrug:: I had self confidence for a minute, though, so…

I’ve been told I look like Mean Gene Okerlund. (That’s him in the middle.)

I don’t think it was a compliment.

Both friends and strangers randomly exclaim, “Hey! You look like Renee Zellweger!” Oddly enough, part of her name is part of my name. Personally, I don’t see it. I see myself as looking more like Thora Birch.

Just yesterday a four-year-old kid said I looked like Jesus.

(I’ve got that beard and long hair thing going lately)

When I lived in Vancouver and Pavel Bure played for the Canooks, I was mistaken for him twice. The best time was in the bar by the waitress… we had some fun with that.

Never mind the fact that I have no Russian accent and at the time smoked like a steam engine.

At OhDope this past year, I donned B’s duster (I’m told it’s a sort of jacket), Euty’s hat and put my hair down. In that light (which was not so great) they thought I looked like Kid Rock.

Never before has anyone suggested that, and I doubt the situation will repeat itself.

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People used to tell me pretty regularly that I looked like Tom Petty. A friend’s brother used to call me Rick all the time because he thought I looked like Rick Ocassic (from The Cars). I haven’t heard that I look like anyone famous in a few years though. :frowning:

Alias I’d have to agree with that you do look a bit like Carrie Fisher. Actually, you look a lot like my ex-girlfriend from a few years ago. Not that she’s famous or anything…just thought I’d throw in a bit of totally pointless information. :slight_smile:

When my hair is short and straight, I get told that I resemble Joyce DeWitt, Janet from Three’s Company.

There’s a pic on my website, but I don’t know how to link to it directly. It’s, and it’s on the “About The Author” page.

Here’s Joyce:

Interstingly, Joyce and I have very similar ethnic backgrounds.

Oops. Coding boo-boo.

I coded the comma the first time.

A couple of people have said I look like Norman Bates. I don’t think I’m particularly happy about this!

Norman Bates is lead in Psycho, by the way. He is played by Anthony Perkins.


When I was 14, the and the Spice Girls were really big, I used to get out of bed, leave it as it was and everyone thought I was cool because I looked like Scary Spice. I went to Disneyland and a couple of small children wanted my autograph. I even got a couple of phone numbers too (Granted, the best line I got was that I looked like someone else, but I took it anyway!) But alas, the Brit Pop group fizzled and I had to start combing my hair again.


Surely you meant to say “fortunately”? :slight_smile:


When I was about 14 I looked exactly like Kristie McNichol did when she was about 14.

When I was in my early 20s I was told a lot that I looked like Mayim Bialik (she played “Blossom”)
These aren’t very good comparison pics, but they are the same age, I think:

When my hair was red it was Gillian Anderson.
When it was blonde it was Bridget Fonda.
Lately it’s been Helen Hunt even though my hair is dark.

Two days ago a group of drunks in a dark bar told me I looked like Linda Evangalista. They were obviously stoned also.

Wow, Lifeonwry, you do look quite a lot like Joyce DeWitt! You are better-looking though.

Oh my god! Please tell me that you screwed with people when you were dancing! That would have been hilarious! Hey, what was your stage name?