He shook my hand from ambush.

Today at work, I was working at my computer when my chair was physically spun around, a hand thrust toward my chest, and a voice said, “Hi. Scott McCallum, your governor”. I responded, “Pleased to meet you.”

He had held a press conference right next to my work area (a large square reception counter in a conference center), and he apparently decided to meet and greet as he walked through the hospital.

Creeped me out. I understand better now why he’s in such trouble even among Republicans since inheriting the governorship from Tommy Thompson.

Speaking of Thompson, I read in the paper today that he’s thinking about running for governor again.

That’s pretty weird, yeah. Reminds me of before the recent election, one candidate was shaking hands with everyone at the train station. I kept moving around to get some quiet (wanted to read my paper in peace, but he kept putting his hand over my paper while I was reading), and he ended up going to all of the various spots I’d moved to, to greet people there and shake hands. I ended up having him introduce himself to me 3 times in about 10 minutes. If he hadn’t passed me by the last time finally, I would have smiled, shaken his hand and introduced myself as a “radical liberal”, since he warned against their ‘plans’ prominently on the literature his helpers were handing out. Would have been interesting to see his reaction.

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There is a Yojimbo (in Ireland) on SMBD. I was yojimboguy before I ever came here. No to fantasy X, if you think I’m somebody you know from gaming elsewhere.