I am embarrased myself in front of Governor Schwarzenegger today.

I had just gotten done bartending a party for a bunch of federal employees of the department of “something something” when I had to clean a bar in the back hallway. We had had a big convention of teachers and school related people this weekend (those folks are all f-ing drunks. I mean when the man gets on the table, licks his index and middle fingers then starts to rub his right nipple, you know that he has had enough) and that bar was still really filthy. So I am scrubbing away and singing I am the king of wishful thinking, because I heard it on the radio to day and tat song rocks(!).

What is worse is that I was singing it in a really loud and intentionally stupid way (because I am on idiot) when who should pop thropugh the doors? But the fucking governor! With his whole entourage!. I was faced the other direction and this was not fair as there is usually some guy holding the elevator for a half-hour before the man arrives (no exaggeration).

He chuckled.

(This is the point that I realize that there is someone behind me)

He went on the elevator.

I felt really, really, dumb.

I’m sure he’s more embarrassed than you.

He certainly has more reason than you to be embarassed.
Having married into the Kennedys and all …


You didn’t call him “Mr Ferrigno”, didja?

at least you weren’t screaming “WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am masticating like a motherfunk!”

Cheer up, Muad’Dib!

At least your embarassment was merely musical this time, and not a repeat of that whole, horrible “incontinence” episode from the Winter Of Missed Content.

You had a chance to call him “the Governator” to his face, and you didn’t? You should be embarrased. :smiley:

I’d just be slightly annoyed that I didn’t see I had a chance to do something odd(er) on purpose and relevent to something political…

Something somewhat similar, I had the chance to shake President Bush’s hand awhile ago when he was here in the Adirondacks, but I declined to go to the event. There was only a few spots availible to go to this private speach, and I figured I’d let someone who wanted to see him do so. The people that did go were happy, and they even got a good photo of them shaking his hand.

Though if I had the opportunity now (after the whole Iraq thing) I would go and simply not offer to shake his hand when he came past me. When my friends shook his hand the area around the President only had a few people, and the circumstances didn’t have masses of people flocking to shake his hand, so each person had the opportunity to talk to the President for a moment or two. I’m not sure how not shaking his hand would go over, but I’m sure it’d be interesting.