Who has embarrassed your state the most?

I’m in Idaho. We all know of Senator Larry Craig’s recently reported restroom incident. We’d had a few other interesting characters in our history to garner national attention (David Butler, Randy Weaver), but I’m hard-pressed to say which of these guys has caused the Gem State the most national embarrassment. Their offenses are egregiously bad on different levels, but they’re bad, nonetheless.

So, who has caused your state the most embarassment? The person doesn’t necessarily have to be a politician, though I am sure most of the people to be listed in this thread will hail from political circles.

I’m in Texas. Who d’ya think? [Hint: It’s not Bill Moyers or Molly Ivins]

Rick Santorum of PA. I’m just happy Specter balances him out somewhat politically. Makes me wish I lived in Hawaii. Ok, that and the winters. And the hula girls…

Jimmy Carter, I wasn’t alive during his presidency so I can’t really judge, but he isn’t fondly remembered by most people it seems.

I’m from California is it possible to nominate cities or does it have to be people cities I could pick, San Fransisco, L.A. (easier then listing the embarasing parts seperatly). As for people jeez where to start.

President Grant? President Taft? President McKinley? President Harrison? President Harding? That Congressman from the '70s who employed the big blowsy blonde who couldn’t type? Difficult to choose, really.

– Uke, Cleveland Native

Probably Gary Hart. Or the Boulder Police Department.

I would nominate Ted Haggard or James Dobson, but I think they are known more for other things rather than where they lived.

What city in California do you live in?

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Rep. Wayne Hays. We had great fun with this story back when we were all 15.

Evan Mecham, followed closely by Charlie Keating, and that moron J.D. Hayworth.

Man, having Howard Dean scream loudly pales in comparison.

Sure, let’s include cities, too, especially since more populous states like California will have a larger pool of nominees to choose from.

Can you also tell us which state(s) you are referring to if you do not indicate your locale in your location?

Byron “Low Tax” Looper


Assassinating one’s poltical rivals is uncouth.

Jesse Helms made a career out of embarassing this state.

I second that emotion.

Originally from Florida. So many choices but the collected voters of Broward County c.2000 gotta top the list.

Now in my adopted home state of California, again a tough call but the thought of “the Governator” still gives me the shivers.

I live in Florida. This is a very difficult question to answer:

Hanging Chad?
Katherine Harris?
Anita Bryant?
Mark Foley?
Jeb Bush?
Lots of other “little” people who do stuff that’s embarassing?

Ever? Quite possibly George Wallace.

Recently? Either Judge Roy Moore or former governor Don Siegelman.

Just north of Santa Barbara :smiley: