My state has embarrassed me again

Don’t get me wrong-- I love Tennessee. Ain’t no place I’d rather be. But my beloved state frequently makes me squirm with shame. Last night Santorum won the Republican primary here. Not that I like any of the GOP candidates(although Ron Paul is OK), but Santorum? Jeezus-fuckin-christ!

Thanks, folks, for reinforcing the stereotype that that we’re all ignorant, bigoted, bible-thumping inbreds. Well, not all bible-thumpers-- got meth?

So, how does your state embarrass you?

Yer Buddy,
Jasper Kent of Tennessee (state motto: At least we’re not Mississippi)

I’m trying to think of some way that Ohio doesn’t embarrass me, but I’m not coming up with much.

I’m from Texas. Before Rick Perry embarassed us in front of the nation, there was W. We’ve, ah, been humiliated enough for the moment, politician-wise. Guess it was your turn.

Bachmann. Need I say more?

Governor Scott Walker

'nuff said.

I do not consider New Jersey “my state,” although I currently live there. And our fat fuck governor is a bully, a religious fanatic and has a grudge against those of us who commute out-of-state to work. *And *he is aiming for President next time around!

Oh, and Snooki. Or Snookie, or Snooky, or however she spells it. She is pretty embarrassing. Though her “I feel like a pilgrim in the frickin’ Twenties!” was pretty awesome.

I live in GA. The 'pubs in my state voted for Gingrich overwhelmingly yesterday. Newt motherf’ing Gingrich. The Sta-Puft Marshmallow Bigot.

Blago. >:[

What’re you bitching about, we made him Senator Santorum!

Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between

Tennessee also. At least we’re not GA. :smiley:

We are getting a bust of Rush Limbaugh added to the hall of famous Missourians.

Rush Limbaugh next to Mark Twain?

OK, you win. And you have my deepest sympathy.

Not a state, but I’m from Essex, England. We are the butt of many blonde-type jokes. We have a whole TV series. And all the jokes and the TV series are about my specific little corner of Essex.

I moved.

Voting for Scrotorum *is *pretty bad. There should be things about NJ that are worse, and I’m sure there are but obviously I’ve repressed them.

I do my best to ignore Christie. Sometimes I try to imagine him as the Michelin man and that makes me feel a little better. He does seem like a caricature of himself and that’s no mean feat.


Ted “I’ll drive off that bridge when I get to it” Kennedy

John “Liveshot” Kerry
Need I say more?

hangs head in shame

That one made me snort.

I’m from Las Vegas. Our former mayor is well known as a mafia defense lawyer.

He told a group of schoolchildren that his favorite pastime was drinking gin, and if he were stranded on a desert island and could bring only one thing it would be a bottle of Bombay Sapphire (who he was a paid spokesman for).

He’s arguably the most popular Las Vegas politician in history, winning 86% of the votes for his reelection.

Texas. Home of Dubya, Rick Perry, Ross Perot…

We got a lotta 'splainin to do.

Florida here. Butterfly ballot, etc…


Another Tennessean here. At least we’re not Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Texas.
Or Missouri.

I also love my home state of Tennessee, but I could not put up with the people, so I left.