He was Afghani, but he was also The Lion

Ahmad Shah Masood has died of shrapnel wounds from a suicide bomb attack. Masood fought for freedom against first the Soviets and then the Taleban. During the Soviet War, he was called, by his followers and by the outside media, “The Lion”.

This report came out today, and I personally think it’s a shame.

The words I want to use aren’t appropriate for this forum. Except perhaps – bastards.

Have you seen this site http://www.afgha.com ? It’s the web site of the Afghan resistance and I’ve learned a lot over the past few days.

Great! Thanks for the link, Joaquim Matilda. No, I haven’t seen it before.

He was killed by bin Laden. He would have been a good ally and bL probably knew that was the case.

I was just listening to the news and the reports of Masood’s death.

Following this was a story on the Afghani resistance, they have stated that they are willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with American and international troops in order to defeat the Taliban.

Who would have expected this?

The Lion must be looking down from paradise and smiling.

The Taliban had bL take on one of their enemies. Let’s go get them.