Head of Karolinska Institute in mid-late 80's

Okay… I feel like a dope for asking, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me. I’m really not in the habit of asking people to do my homework for me.

In the late 80’s, I skimmed some summaries of the work of the then-Head of the Karolinska Institute (and by extension, the Chair of the Nobel Committee on Medicine). I’d guess he had some idea what good medical research is.

Apparently, he had an interesting theory on vascular conduits as pathways for modulated bioelectrical currents, [translation: electrical fields that follow blood vessels – that’s why it fits Cecil’s topic] and had developed some means of measuring this effect (He was a radiologist, but I don’t know if they were electrode-based or imaging)

I went to medical school in the early 90’s so you’d think I’d be able to do the MEDLINE search myself, but I’m stymied because I apparently am not using the terminology he did (all I read back then were summaries of translations)

I’ve often thought back on this work and wondered what came of it. If anyone can drop me a hint – his name, his terms, even the frequency ranges of the ‘waves’ he measured – I can take the ball from there.

I’ll try and report back with what I find

Are you referring to the column on acupuncture?

Does acupuncture really work?) 24-Mar-2000)

Sorry, can’t help with your question though.

Maybe you could contact the Institute and ask them who their boss used to be and search on his name:

(This site does not seem to have old pre-'net stuff.)