Headhunter camping in my atrium

A person approached my receptionist and asked to meet with me. She was told that I was not available for the next couple of days, but that if she would explain why she wanted to speak with me and leave her phone number, that information would be passed on to me, and I would be pleased to call her in the evening or at the end of the week. Rather than do this, she said she would wait.

So she waited. All day.

And then she came back and did the same thing the next day.

Eventually my receptionist convinced her to divulge the purpose of her mission. Turns out that she was a headhunter pitching an applicant for a law clerk position I advertised last week.

I don’t know whether to admire her determination, or to laugh at her obtuseness for failing to follow my receptionist’s simple instructions. Too bad she is unwilling to accept that my availability is not contingent upon her camping out in our atrium.

We’ll leave out some food for her tomorrow. No harm in being hospitable.

Thats dedication. I’d give the headhunter a callback just for that.

Wow. I need that company. Guys camping out on exec’s driveways and at VPs favourite restaurants with my resume… how can it fail?!?

One would think that a successful headhunter would have other prey to track down as well, and could not afford to lie in wait for only one target for two whole days. Unless perhaps you are a particularly noteworthy specimen.

Or maybe she wants to be the first to kill you when you respawn so she can get the cool loot drop.

Interview the candidate and say, “Jesus, that headhunter of yours is a real GEEK!”

No, no, no. All applicants or representatives thereof to the law firm of Durden and Durden are to wait for three days without food, water or encouragement. Get out there and smack her with a broom.

If she makes it, shave her head and set her to work.

Eh, she probably just wants to go out with him. :smiley:

Best…Fight Club…Reference…Ever! (…or on this thread in this forum this minute, at any rate)

Wow that’s extreme headhunting!

You know you’ve been playing Everquest too long when…

Camping out in your atrium reeks of desperation to me. I can imagine Gil from the Simpsons doing the same thing:

“C’mon, you know you want to hire my guy! Whaddya say? Help old Gil out! Please? If I don’t place someone, they’re gonna break my legs!”

I actually never played Evercrack, because I knew I would spend way too much time and money on it. Practically all my friends play though.

Hmmmm. I wonder if the “headhunter” is actually the very determined candidate herself.

No headhunter that I know would be so determined to submit an unsolicited candidate.

Am I the only one who came in here exoecting to hear about a pygmy with a bone through his nose and a three foot spear? I imagined that your atrium was heavily planted, maybe with a waterfall, and that the pygmy sort of hid out in the trees or something and grunted at people when they walked by.
Boogy boogy boogy…

She was back again today!

When I returned from court late this afternoon the receptionist told me that she had again waited throughout the day.

This time she left a package for me which identified her agency.

Here’s the wierd part (as if having a headhunter camping in the atrium for several days is not wierd enough). One of the resumes I have already received is from another person at her agency!

In any event, today the receptionist left out a bucket of halloween treats in the atrium. The headhunter snagged all the caramels.

Well, now you what she eats. You should leave a trail of caramels for her, leading to a deadfall. Then you can cage her and charge admission. Perhaps, with time, you could teach her some simple tricks, like balancing on a ball or jumping through a burning hoop.

Without wanting to detract from the very creative suggestions in this thread, maybe you could call the other headhunter from the firm who is sending out the same resume, and let him/her know about the behavior of the squatter in your lobby?

Tell her you’ll talk to her, if she takes you out to lunch.

Seriously, get her to buy you lunch. If she waited that long its probably worth talking to her and she’ll probably take you somewhere nice.