Heading to Paris

I’m traveling to Paris, France next month for a convention. I didn’t get much advance notice so finding places to stay and flights and such are at the expensive end of things. These trips usually do not allow for much personal time but I get some in the evenings. the length of the stay will be about a week, starting on a Tuesday. It will be me my friend and her 8 y/o

First on places to stay. The event is at the Espace Champerret. Hotels in the area are running 150euro a night. We may burn some free nights from various hotel chains to keep it cheaper but that would involve changing hotels multiple times. Another consideration is a short term apartment rental. Has anyone done so in Paris and what was your experience like?

I’m interested in hearing what sites are nearby and peoples experiences in the area, what’s worth checking out.

I can easily entertain myself in Paris going to museums and checking out architecture. I’m all fine with eating just about anything but prefer fine dining, recommendations would be great.

The 8y/o on the other hand would be bored to death looking at buildings and museums and has a very limited American palate, so I’m interesting in kid friendly experiences and activities as well.

Thanks in advance for any info you provide

I don´t how your eight year old is about travelling but when my nieces and nephew came to see me they needed somewhere to blow off steam between the grown up activities. Porte Maillot is great for this as it is near a huge park with lots of paths, streams, and lakes. Check out some Porte Maillot hotels and maybe try emailing around to see which ones are more kid friendly. My experience has been that if you ask people their honest opinion who work in the tourism business they usually will tell you what they think!

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I lived in Paris (or just outside to be exact) from age 8-13, so I hear ya on the kid’s interests.

Foodwise, I’d keep away from the fancier establishments, but a lot of French Bistro style food would appeal to kids - steak frites, etc. You used to be able to pick up a croque monsieur (basically a tasty grilled cheese sandwich) from vendors all over the place, also lots of vendors with crepes with various fillings.

What kinds of interests does the 8 y/o have? Boy or girl? If a boy, some of the cooler museums might be interesting - the Musee de L’Armee at les Invalides was something I enjoyed - lots of weapons, suits of armor, that sort of thing. The Catacombs might also be something they’d think was cool. The Eiffel Tower is nifty for kids (or at least was for me).

The flea market is always a great place to visit…there are endless stalls of vendors selling just about anything you can imagine. There might be a McDonald’s there, too. For fine dining go to Saint Germain (6th arrondissement). The Latin Quarter is very cool as well.

Note that the OP was written in January and says that the planned trip to Paris is for the next month. In other words, presumably the trip being planned in the OP is over.


Where, and on what days, is the flea market ? I am considering a trip to Paris next year, and would definitely like to include this.

Officially it is Le Marche au Puce (the flea market). It is in the northern part of the city (I forget the arrondissement but it is easy to find on any metro map). The only day they may be closed is Monday. Friday thru the weekend it is in full blown operation.

I missed the edit window so I will correct myself in this separate reply. The Marche Aux Puces is Saturday thru Monday, and the metro stop you want is Cligancourt. (Many shops are open all week, just not all.)