Heads up! Amazing Race begins Tues. at 9 p.m.

The season premiere of Amazing Race begins tonight at 9 p.m.! The drama, the excitement, the pageantry!

Set those timers and let the games begin!

Yay! TAR is back.

I can’t wait.

That’s 9pm Eastern, 8 central. Not sure about mtn & westerners. 2 hours!

Annndddd, we should all be aware that the normal running time for TAR this season is one hour later than what we’re all used to: 10pm in the eastern time zone, 9pm central. But tonight it starts at 9pm eastern, 8pm central.


That’s all.

DeHusband has to go to the hospital for testing for sleep apnea tonight. I told him that I wouldn’t miss him too much tonight because TAR starts! Do ya think I hurt his feelings?

Nope! I’m sure he understands, and if he doesn’t, then too bad for him!


I have to work tonight. BOO! But I will record it. Oh yes, I will record it…

They moved it back to 10pm? Why? Some of us go to sleep around that time so we can get up! 9pm was perfect.

My new roommate has never been privy to the insanity that is me watching the Race. I’m sure she’ll be horrified. I can’t wait!

Yay! Our Race is back! I am really looking forward to it. The drama! The excitement! The missed clue boxes! The fear of flying! Phil! Mmmm…Phil!

…and the snark! Don’t ever forget the snark, Mama Tiger.

Well, the snark is a given. Particularly over missed clue boxes and fear of flying.

The only thing that gives me pause is that:

in an interview I read somewhere online – TV Guide, perhaps? – hil described contestant Lake as “another Jonathan.” Which is an outcome devoutly to be NOT hoped for!

These people are racing around the world for your pleasure and you’re complaining about losing an hour of sleep? And you call yourself an Amazing Race fan!

I will thank everyone to remember that I have already dibsed Eric and Jeremy.

I’ll be up tonight watching. :slight_smile:

In future weeks I’ll be taping the show to watch later.

In any event: Woo-Hoo!

I’ll take sloppy seconds on Eric and Jeremy. They’re cute.

I like BJ and Tyler - I love the “Is this the most James Bond thing you’ve ever done?” comment in the previews. They seem like they’ll be full of snark about other teams. They’re both well-traveled and speak a couple of languages, too. Hopefully that will bode well for them.

I don’t like Danielle and Dani. The matching outfits, matching hair (and matching names!) are too much for me. Neither has traveled much and I hope they’re chicken when it comes to Roadblocks and Detours. “Bungee jump? No way, that’s scaaaaaaary!”

Unfortunately, I have a genetic disorder that leaves me unable to snark.

[spoiler]Well, not if you’re his Victoria. But admit it, he’s what you remember most from that series, and is by far the biggest reason you cared who won.

By now, everyone auditioning for any reality show should know that the best way to get cast is to act like a raging asswipe, psychotic, drama queen, or simple crybaby. I’m surprised we ever see anyone do anything else.

Of course, being a cute kid, or a blonde with big knockers, works too.[/spoiler]

Actually, ElvisL1ves, I nearly

[spoiler]stopped watching the show because of Jonathan, and I know a lot of other people who did. He definitely ruined that one for me; I refuse to ever watch it again or buy it. Even though I loved some of the other folks on that Race.

I’m just sorry that they felt compelled to cast another raging asshole since this program did fine with much milder versions of eeeevil contestants – like the Guidos, or Wil & Tara – since the stressors of the Race itself cause enough drama without needing to see some asshole being abusive to his wife again.[/spoiler]

For those in Canada I suggest checking the times. I decided to double check so I wouldn’t forget when it was on (9 or 10) and discovered it’s starting at 7MST on CTV!

If I hadn’t looked I might’ve missed the whole thing, being distracted by other things!