Amazing Race 9/28 - It's different this time! No really!

Welcome back to Race season, reality-show sports fans!

With three (!) teams claiming that going on TAR will help them work on their relationship, I think my substitute for the episode title quote is very appropriate.

Get your bets in early for the team with the:

  • Best flameout
  • Stupidest decision, Race-related
  • Stupidest decision, not Race-related
  • Coolest under pressure
  • Win, Place, and Show

I predict there will be drama in an airport.

Hm. Two girl-girl teams: hot babes.

Two guy-guy teams: biggest, most out-of-shape nerds we could find.

Seven guy-girl teams, guaranteed to bicker and melt-down, except for the obligatory old couple who will provide some comedy before they fail.

We’ll see. I predict someone will fall down when Phil says “go!”

:: jumps up and down, squeeing ::

What does that guy with the man boobs have emblazoned across his t-shirt? I can see that his partner has “This is my secret identity” on his, but the other one is too small to read, plus I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself looking at it for too long.

Damn Phil looks good.

“Disconcertingly spontaneous,” IIRC.

I already hate Tina, the wife in the separated couple. She is one annoying bitch. And Terence, the “free spirit,” is an asshole who wanted his partner to spend time with him instead of making alliances that could help them with. Idiot!

Yeah, I love how he had to do the talking while they were climbing down, because he can do it, but she can’t. He seems a little off in the head.

Damn! I was hoping the hippies would go a little farther.

Well, that was hardly a shock to me.

Agreed. Oh, well. I’m also with you on Tina being the most annoying woman in the race and Terence gets my vote for most annoying man. I wouldn’t have figured him for the whiny, self-absorbed type based on his profession.

Gah…Tina is kind of a bitch, isn’t she? And Terence…wow. Terence is an ass. A needy ass. “Don’t speak in a language I don’t understand!” “Talk to me, not potential allies!” “She can’t talk while she’s climbing so I’ll talk for her!” And Sarah’s kind of too silly to live, too…during the previews for next week:

when Terence was talking about how Nick and Starr and Ken and Tina were not 2 teams, but 1 team, because of their alliance, Sarah said something like, “and they didn’t even say ‘Hi!’ to me!” Huh?

I was disappointed in the elimination, but not surprised.

I can’t believe how many teams thought Brazil is a Spanish speaking country. Granted, I’m sure you can get by a little with Spanish, but you would think the contestants would do some simple research before setting off on a race around the world.

First time watching the Amazing Race? :smiley:

Tina and Ken need to go. Now.


Incidentally, the actual episode title was “Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!”, spoken by Anita, the hippie grandma.

Agreed. And Terence can follow. Actually, Ken’s not THAT bad…Tina’s just a bitch. I vote for our first mix-and-match team to be Ken and Sarah. Because Tina and Terence are PIPITFW24H*…
*People I’d Punch In The Face Within 24 Hours

Edited: I realized that I missed a Terence whine=“You shouldn’t run so fast, even though I’m the running coach!”

No, but it does make me wonder…do the producers allow the contestants to carry guidebooks or an atlas? Long flights would allow for study time. If they are allowed, then these people have no excuses.

I already hate Terrance with a passion. What a dick. Needy, manipulative, controlling, and he’s pissed in next week’s episode (from the preview) that two other teams are in an alliance? Umm…you’re the jerk who didn’t want to talk to anyone!

I think we should call them Mid-Life Barbie and Ken.