The Amazing Race 10/05: "Do You Like American Candy?"

I’m just reserving a spot for now. It’s running late her thanks to football…we haven’t even had Andy Rooney yet.

See yinz later!

She’s actually taking credit for an airline schedule.

And just after I posted this someone actually called her out on that line. What a nutcase. Oh and team passive-aggressive got off to an early start.

LOVE the sand-digging.

Terrence is crazeeeeeee.

Do you think Ken is just biding his time until the sweet, sweet release of death?

The more I see of her, the more I wonder why he actually wants to stay married to her.

Well, buddy, you’ve got your answer. Ken, your wife only wants to be with you if you’re a winner. So, what’s the point in staying with her again?

Absolutely. And naturally winning the race will give him the spare cash to buy that hit man for the sweet, sweet release of her death.

I’m sure that once a year when she opens the safe and lets him look at his balls again must be worth a lot.

Tina seriously scares me. By the end of this season, I’m going to be seeing that Botoxed-to-the-gills lizard face in my nightmares. She couldn’t even move her eyebrows when she was overjoyed at coming in 1st!

Nick is burning bridges quickly. You can be as contemptuous as you want of the other teams when you’re privately speaking with your teammate or in the confessional segments, but you don’t offer an alliance, then immediately vocalize, “Oh, screw it!” and push her out of the way. And you don’t promise to come back and help someone and then blow them off. That’s two teams who will be looking for any opportunity to deny you any help at all at some point in the game.

The southern belles are funny. “I think it’s something on this wall!” Oh, like the clue just told you? And the divorcees aren’t much better. “We have learned to read the clue!” Except that you then immediately didn’t do what the clue told you to do (tell your cab to wait) and lost god knows how much time because you thought it had gone.

supervenusfreak says that Terence and Ken are going Brokeback Mountain before this thing is over…

Terence reminds me of the really needy love child of James Woods and Tony Robbins. Seriously.

I loves me some geeks! Those two are just too much fun.

I wish I could love me some fratboys. While I lust after Dan (both of us think he’s very cute), he’s way too dumb for me. I’d have to gag him (with a GAG, you perverts!).

Terrence win’s the Amazing Race Biggest Tool Ever award. And we are only 2 episodes in. Douchebag.

The blond girls digging in the sand. O. M. G. And they let their taxi leave! (Thought they did anyway.) They just said they learned to read the clue. Idiots.

So much stupid on display in this episode. Good season so far.

It is official. The divorcees are the stupidest team to ever “compete” on TAR. I think if they just dug a little bit deeper in the sand, they would’ve found that elusive shipping container.:rolleyes:

Nah, that award still belongs to Jonathan of Jonathan and Victoria. Terrence is quickly establishing himself as another Peter of Peter and Sarah. Sarah, if you’ll recall dumped Peter before the Race was over.

… and, if you tell EVERYONE you got them on to an earlier flight, you have helped NOONE. Seriously Botox-woman, you could have let one or two teams take that 11:30 flight. You didn’t have to tell all your competitors.

And, if you see four or five teams riding in taxis from the same direction, how long would it take *you *to start walking in that direction to see where they were gettign the cabs?

Entertainment ensues.

I’m glad the geeks are representing the rest of us well. I’m going to start keeping track of all the moments that their nerd-dom really comes into play.
Tonight we had:
[li]Computer geekery (not really anything technical, but it counts!)[/li][li]Coming up with the quickest method (albeit a brute force method) of solving the “wall” challenge.[/li][li]Quoting Yoda’s “There is no try” line. (maybe one of the top ten signs that You Might Be A Geek)[/li][/ul]

I was also rooting for the divorcees because they seem relatively nice and normal compared to some of these jerks (Terence!), but they shouldn’t last another episode if they keep making mistakes like the ones they made tonight.

I missed the last 15 miniutes. Who lost?

I was seeing them more as a new Zach and Flo (you can guess who is who). Hopefully the tragedy doesn’t repeat itself.

Well, I’ll still spoiler, just in case:

Anthony and Stephanie. In his closing confessional, Anthony consoled himself with “at least I still have my looks” which amused me greatly (not that he’s a terrible looking guy, but still!).

BTW, how were they supposed to solve the wall other than brute force?
None of them seemed to figure it out and I was more watching them than trying to figure out the wall and I’m not going to re-watch it. Was there a puzzle? Were there key words? Was it counting?

What other than “write down everything and ask line by line” was supposed to be the answer?

Terrance’s “wipe off the blood that is not running down my face” and Tina’s “we got the plane for you” moments made their fight awful to watch, because either way, the wrong one was going to win.

There didn’t really seem to be any other good way to do it. There wasn’t any kind of puzzle or trick to it–at least not that we viewers were shown. Not a very well-designed challenge if you ask me, although it did stump a few racers for a little while.

Well, it’s still the beginning of the season, and time to weed out the weaker teams.

Taxi Assessment

Stuck in the Desert and Officially Detained - or, Philiminated with extreme prejudice.
Anita and Arthur - Keeping bees, apparently.
Anthony and Stephanie (down from “Flat Tire”) - OK. Last week I said, “I’m uncertain whether their poor showing is due to bad luck or poor racing, but I imagine we’ll find out next week.” And I was right; we found out. Poor racing it is. Exacerbated by taxi trouble, for sure (although…push starting? Does anyone think getting into a taxi you know is screwed, when a string of other taxis is RIGHT THERE, is a good idea? Sheesh.), but sealed by Anthony’s poor performance on the Roadblock. I guess Anthony will have to just go out and get a job now, instead of planning on making his millions on TAR. (Unless…you don’t suppose he threw it, do you? “I’d love to get married, honey, but darnitall, we just didn’t win that million on TAR, so I’m afraid it’s impossible.”)

Flat Tire - or, not likely to get anywhere soon.
Marisa and Brooke (holding steady) - The next team on the chopping block, certainly. Not fast enough, not strong enough, not smart enough. They’ll need some awesome luck to make it past the next episode.
Andrew and Dan (down from “Stopping”) - All right, I’m convinced this is a team of bumblers. They might last a few more episodes, but they’ll eventually just lackadaisically bumble through their tasks slower than everyone else and get Philiminated.

Stopping for Gas - or, not broken-down, exactly, but not a good sign.
Kelly and Christy (down from “Rapido”) - Oh my God. TAR rule number 2: “READ THE FUCKING CLUE. Then reread it. AND REMEMBER IT.” Screwing that up twice in a row? Unbelievable. They would have had a darn good finish, save the errors. Now, if this is just a temporary brainfart, they might do much better next ep. However, I don’t recall teams ever becoming smarter as the Race progresses, so I’m afraid Kelly & Christy might soon go down in flames.

"Rapido! Por Favor?" - or, making meaningless ineffectual comments from the back seat, but in no immediate danger.
Aja and Ty (up from “Stopping”) - Not a lot of coverage of Aja & Ty, but a better finish this week, so they get moved up a notch.
Toni and Dallas (holding steady) - Another team without a lot of coverage this week. That usually means the team will be around for a while, so I’m cautiously optimistic for Toni & Dallas. Still, although they’ve been comfortably out of last place, they’ve not been all tha impressive so far, either.

In the Passing Lane - or, ahead of the pack, but not quite comfortably.
Mark and Bill (up from “Rapido!”) - OK, I thought, at first, their Detour choice was questionable, but they pulled it off. I’m not sure if they just got lucky on the needle-in-a-haystack hunt, or if their methodical searching minimized the expected time. In any case, good job by them. This is, I think, the first team I’ve seen that says they’re gonna “race smart,” and then actually does. I don’t know if they can stick it out to the end–there might come a time when the footrace with the football player is for last place, not first–but I expect them to be around for a while. Just…next time, boys, keep your amazing Detour solution to yourself, huh?
Terence and Sarah (holding steady) - This is the second week in a row that Terence & Sarah spazz out and run around like headless fowl, and still wind up in third place. The good news here is that, even though they fall behind, they gut it out and claw their way back into it. Thing is, they can’t really afford to be that erratic, because, eventually, they won’t have time to claw their way back before the mat of Philimination looms.
Nick and Starr (holding steady) - One of these team members is an ex-Cowboy cheerleader, and one of them is the brains of the team. Hint: neither of these is Nick. I rather liked this team last episode, but Nick’s poor performance on the Roadblack and pathetic try at “playing dirty” was just sad. I’ll keep them ranked here for now, but we’ll see how they perform next episode.

Cruisin’ with Earl - or, drivin’ on the shoulder, takin’ shortcuts, and generally kickin’ butt.
Ken and Tina (up from “Passing”) - Did you know Ken cheated on Tina? Yeah, me neither. Hint to Tina: it’s really cool that you got the airline to fly a larger plane, and I thought at the time that it was a great idea, but maybe next time you could ask for a more medium-sized plane? Because the point of getting on an earlier flight is to ensure your team lands AHEAD of the other teams. Directing ALL THE OTHER TEAMS onto THE SAME earlier flight gives you exactly zero advantage. So you just worked your ass off for NOTHING. Dolt. Still, another great finish, so I think I’m justified in moving them up a notch.

And with this episode, I’m done for a while, due to my own little international trip, which means sporadic access to both CBS and teh internets. See you in three weeks.

[sub]Props to Mullinator and his Raj Ratings.[/sub]

There wasn’t any other way to do it. That was what the “don’t overthink it” instruction was for.

The challenge boiled down to: “there’s sixteen place names written on a wall; the proctor will tell you if you choose the right one. You have an infinite number of tries. Go.”

It’s not that it wasn’t a well-designed challenge, I think, because it clearly did catch some teams. It’s just that it was kind of boring (which I suppose means it really was poorly designed).