Heads-up for Mad Magazine fans

The Completely Mad Don Martin: 1956-1988” is now on sale at Daedalus Books. Regularly priced at $150.00 it’s now on sale for $29.98!

I don’t know how many they have left, but I got mine!

Holy cow, thanks for the heads up! I love Don Martin! I’ll be picking up my copy on Friday. :smiley:

Wow, thanks! I’d seen it in the bookstore at full price but I don’t love Don Martin *that *much. But for $30, it’s a no-brainer. I just placed my order.


You’ve made my Christmas.

A family filled with “I never know what to get you”-type folks thank you. Or at least the one who gets the e-mail first does.

Another one ordered. Those of you thinking it over better get moving before they sell out.

Wow … just wow!

Thanks – just ordered one too.
Does anyone know if/how it’s remainder-marked?

(If it sells out there, it’s also at Barnes and Nobel for $23.)


Holy crap! 1200 pages of Don Martin! I got mine. Thanks for the heads-up.


(For those who complain that the Holiday Season is never ending–remember that January 31st is National Gorilla Suit Day!)

Regular price $150?

Cripes, for that much they’d better include a pair of hinged shoes. :smiley:

Perfect for reenacting Star-Spangled Banana!

I’d like to see a new compendium of Al Jaffee’s stuff–especially the Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions stuff. My favorite line from those books was “It’s about time you scofflaws got what you deserved…ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!”

I just got mine and no, there are no remainder marks. It came factory sealed as if I’d just bought it in a bookstore.

I’ll be busy for a while here. :smiley:

Mine also arrived today. There was this huge box sitting on my doorstep when I got home.

Just ordered mine

Mine arrived yesterday. It’s the same as the ones I saw in Barnes and Noble last year.

With my order, I left instructions to leave the package between the storm door and interior door - a gap of about 4 inches. Is that too little room?

Should be okay. The dimensions on the box say it’s 4 x 12 x 14.