Healing with energy

Without getting into the details…

  1. What is the current consensus about this topic?

  2. Is the human race currently ready to draw a definitive conclusion about this topic yet?

  1. yes: bullshit

About 90% of the basic physics on that page is flat-out wrong, as far as I can tell.

The Earth has a magnetic field, yes, but the moon? The Earth’s is generated by the sloshing of its molten core. Similarly, the moon’s is generated… by… right, well… I won’t even get into the “galactic” fields, which are far too far away to have a noticeable effect.

Electric fields do not penetrate the body? Since when? X-rays go right through, and they’re made of electric and magnetic field vibrations. This is basically thrown in for a bit of neo-luddite ranting against alternating current, and by extension modern technology – always popular with the sort who would fall for this tripe.

“Biophotons”… Maybe that explains the intense red glow I see when I read something like that.

From there it just gets worse and worse. For such a marvelous healer all this woman seems to be able to do is give me a massive headache from trying to see if there’s anything worthwhile in her lunatic ravings.

Is this a test?

  1. Utter crap. Hilariously, stupidly bizarre utter crap.

  2. It will always be utter crap.

A nine-year-old girl named Emily Rosa conducted an experiment challenging the validity of therapeutic touch. The results were written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association when she was eleven. Summary: “the claims of TT are groundless and that further professional use is unjustified.”

Having waded through as much of that site as I’m going to, the writer makes a fundamental error. They start from the assumption that energy healing works. They then set out to discover how it works. Studies which have started from the proper point of ‘Does energy healing work?’ have found that it does not.