Health insurance question re circumcision

Does health insurance in the US cover the cost of routine infant circumcision?

I’m looking for factual information on insurance coverage. Please, let’s avoid a debate on the pros and cons of the procedure, okay?

It depends on your specific policy. Some only cover medically necessary circumcision, some cover elective circumcision.

Thank you, Spam. I thought there would be a standard practice re this among all or most of the insurance companies, but it seems not. I’m asking on behalf of a pregnant friend, so I’ll just let her know that she should contact her own insurance.

For what its worth, the NHS in the UK would only allow a circumcision if there was a medical condition that warranted it. It would seem reasonable for an insurance company to take the same view.

Privately, I see "Packages start from only £150 for our Prime Service for infants"

In Canada, it’s covered.

Is female circumcision covered or just male?

I’d imagine it costs more to cater the reception than to hire the mohel/rabbi.

Everywhere, or does it vary from province to province?

The CBC and G&M say it’s not.

Is this meant to be humerous? If so it’s in bad taste. FGM is outlawed in most civilised countries and rightly so.

That is the trend in the US as well. It’s not a medical procedure, it’s religious mutilation. But a few companies still cover it for some reason.

I agree with you 100% ! That was real sick what lance strongarm posted !

A few posters seem to be unable to respect the request of the op to restrict answers to “factual information on insurance coverage”, as is appropriate for this forum.

I don’t think the term “packages” is appropriate for infants.

Neither blanket statement is correct. As one might expect from the general principles of the Canada Health Act, procedures will generally be covered if they’re deemed medically necessary. In Ontario, circumcision will be covered “for physical symptomatology only”, the OHIP guidelines going on to say “circumcision is an insured service only when medically necessary. As such, circumcision performed for ritual, cultural, religious or cosmetic reasons at any age is not an insured service.” The doctor’s medical guidance is the gatekeeper here.

Out of curiosity, what is the cost of routine infant circumcision?

I agree, which is why I quoted it. It comes from a legitimate clinic; *the UK’s first private male circumcision clinic.

A quick Google indicates a monetary cost of around $250-300

If anyone cares, our mohel charged $150 for the procedure, $50 for travel, and $25 for “kosher disposal of the foreskin,” which he first asked us if we wanted to do ourselves. Then he let us know there was a small fee to have him do it. As far as we were concerned, whatever it was it wasn’t too much.

I think they do it at a very small profit margin as a mitzvah. I don’t know what a mohel would say if a gentile asked for the procedure.

The Dr is the gatekeeper to all medical resources in Canada, of course. It’s covered because most Drs consider it medically necessary. Rightly or wrongly. And that could change over time, of course. The next generation of Drs may see it differently.

(In a few provinces vetrenarians has decided pinning back ears and docking tails is not required and will no longer be practiced. Proof that things change, attitudes shift!)