Healthy alternatives to mayonnaise for chicken salad?

I’m supposed to be watching my fat intake (says my doctor). Does anyone have any recipes for chicken salad that don’t include mayonnaise? Even the low fat mayos contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, and the fat free ones are loaded with sugars. I’m not picky about foods, and I’m willing to try new ideas. Basically, just looking for something healthier.

How much mayonnaise do you think is in a serving of chicken salad?

There’s one gram of saturated fat in 28 grams (1 ounce) of mayonnaise.

There’s 13 grams of fat in 1/2 a boneless chicken breast.

Get a chicken sal sand, on wheat toast, hold the chicken.

At a small cafe at our library they use pesto sauce. I do not have the recipe. But will ask next time I go there. Also try Allrecipes .com.

Greek no-fat yoghurt is a good mayonnaise alternative. You can add in some extra flavourings if it is not tangy enough (lemon, herbs). It’s not going to be the same … you could also add a tiny bit of mayonnaise to the yoghurt to get closer to the texture/flavour you’re used to.

How about making your own mayo? It’s dead simple, and you can use proper healthy olive oil.

I do not have any recipes, but I would also recommend yogurt. Do not expect to taste like a mayo-based salad, but it has its own tangy, creamy flavor that works well. Garlic and/or onions are always good additions to a yogurt base.

I make chicken salad using low-fat raspberry vinaigrette. I garnish it with grapes and walnuts and my guests like it and usually ask for seconds. I usually buy the dressing at the supermarket in the salad dressing section but there are recipes online - just google low-fat raspberry vinaigrette

Avocado. They have fat, but the good kind of fat. Add a little lime juice for tang.

IMHO, the color isn’t that appetizing, but it tastes great.

Salsa. Many varieties to choose from, i like spicy corn and bean myself (Newman’s Own makes a good one in that flavor). Also you can use hummus; it too has fat but less than mayo and the healthier kinds as well. I mix honey roasted soynuts into my salsa to up the protein and add flavor.