Need chicken salad ideas

I have some leftover grilled boneless chicken breast parts, and want to make some kind of salad with them. I’m thinking some chopped Romaine to start, but what from there? Sliced cherry tomatoes seem like a necessity.

I have shredded Mozzarella and green can parmesan, plus shredded mild cheddar, which I think is a no-go. I could go olives and olive oil for an Italian slant. Could diced bacon play a role? Suggestions for herbs?

I’m hoping for a main course-type salad. Whattaya got?

Chicken, walnuts, craisins (not raisins), a little mayo. Salt, pepper, and finely chopped celery to taste.

I would add a little chopped apple to that to make it perfection! :slight_smile:

Try it without first. Then go ahead if you think it would help.

Add a teaspoon or two of curry powder, a good bit of apricot or mango preserves/chutney, and you’ve basically got a riff on Coronation chicken. One of my favorites.

yep, the waldorf salad for me.

Whatever dressing you choose - lots of it. Pre-cooked chicken has the consistency of balsa wood, dried out and tasteless.

I actually have had it both ways… minus the pepper, not a fan of black pepper in most food. I just like the bit of sweet apples bring to the party, tho it’d great without, too.

Grapes are good, too.

For mayo based chicken salad, the following are essential IMO:

Nuts (I prefer pecans)
A fruit - grapes or canned pineapple are both good (NOT fresh pineapple - enzymes turn chicken to mush)

Broad beans & lettuce. With lots of dressing made with garlic, cream cheese, a little yoghurt & vinegar. Eat with fresh baked bread.

You can go so many ways with this, so it really just depend on what you’ve got a hankerin’ for.

Italian - chicken, romaine, parm or romano cheese, torn or chiffonade of fresh basil leaves, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper (or bottled Italian dressing)

Greek - chicken, romaine, feta, olives, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper

Mexican - chicken, black beans, corn (frozen works v. well), avocado, diced red sweet peppers, a dash of cumin and red pepper flakes, a splash of oil, salt. Serve with or without lettuce and/or cilantro

Thai - chicken, sliced cucumbers, sliced red onions, diced jalapenos, chopped peanuts and a dressing of sugar, rice wine vinegar and fish sauce. With or without lettuce.

My favorite entree salad:

Take the grilled chicken breast and put it in an oven safe dish - toss it with a wee bit of italian dressing to coat/season it - then sprinkle on some of that parmesan cheese you have. Cook it at 350 for about 10 minutes (until the parmesan turns a little brown) and then flip the pieces over, drizzle a little more italian dressing and some more parmesan, and toast that side also. Then remove and cut up in to more bite size pieces.

Layer a plate with baby spinach leaves (I break off the stems) then layer with some steamed rice (your choice: white or brown). Top with your warm chicken pieces.

If you want to use the cherry tomatoes - sautee them slightly until they are warmed. Layer them on top as well.

drizzle with your favorite ranch dressing and eat. The combination of the cool spinach leaves and the warm chicken and rice makes it one of our favorite summer meals.

Look up goi ga vietnamese chicken salad. I love this and eat it regularly. Its beat with dark meat but the white stuff will do in a pinch.

Can’t forget lots and lots of fresh tarragon. Mmmmm.