Best Chicken Salad Recipe Wanted

I am going to be a little bit of a pain in the butt here and I apologize for that.

I have two big (12.5 oz.) cans of premium chunk chicken breast packed in water. I want to use them for the chicken.

I hate celery chunks in chicken salad so leave that out.

A little on the spicy side would be good and not super mayonnaisey.

I told you I would be kind of a pain in the butt. I’d appreciate the help anyway.


The best way to make a chicken salad is to fry the chicken and serve salad on the side.

Three seconds. That’s all it would have taken to actually read my OP and realize that you have nothing valuable to add.

Okay, no joking, you take your canned chicken’s future very seriously, I get it.

chopped green apples, chopped cranberry bits, mayonaisse, mustard, teensy bit of garlic, salt and pepper, chopped red bell pepper, a little chopped hot pepper (or chili sauce). A little chopped onion. Pecans. Stir it around and chill out.

Amounts of ingredients vary by personal taste, it’s just chicken salad, after all.

Oops, forgot the cumin. Very good with a bit of cumin.

Go rent What’s Up, Tiger Lilly?

Or was that egg salad?

Halved grapes are a nice addition, too.

I like it with mayo and this pepe le peu peas.

Here is my “hot honey and port wine marinated chicken salad”:

I don’t know if you’re chicken is prepared in any way, so it is up to you to fry/cook them before/after the marinading:

  1. the marinade: mix some port wine (1 large cup or two), honey (1 spoon), lime (1), salt (taste), pepper (taste), lot sof fresh chopped chili (a handfull, you must decide how hot you like it), balsmic vinegar (a couple of spoons) and lemon (1). Add the chicken and mix well. Leave for a few hours.

  2. Other ingredients: this is a salad, so I use rocket salad, fresh spinnach, lettuce, red onion (1, rings), makkaroni (a cup or two, depends on how much chicken you have and how many youplan to serve), cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

  3. when the chicken is marinaded enough, and mixed with the rest of the salad, sprinkle the whole thing with some olive oil, and then quickly roast some pine seeds, which you sprinkle on top before serving.

If you like it really hot you can add freshly chopped chili in the salad itself.