Healthy but festive sweet potato recipes?

To make a long story somewhat shorter, we are dealing with the Thanksgiving dietary restrictions from Hell - Tom Scud can’t eat sweet potatoes at all (low oxalate diet), and my brother-in-law, who was already diabetic and prone to attacks of gout, has also just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and been put on a very low sodium diet (1/2 t. salt per day). I hope he can stick to the low sodium diet; he has always been the kind of guy who throws fistfuls of salt over everything before he even tastes it, but perhaps being fitted with a defibrillator vest will prove to be a powerful motivator for him.

On top of everything else, he and my sister are both picky eaters who hardly eat vegetables. I have been tasked with the sweet potatoes (among other things); normally I do a somewhat traditional mash spiked with orange juice and/or crushed pineapple, fresh ginger and sweet spices, butter, and a glug of bourbon. Let’s face it, my sister won’t eat sweet potatoes anyway, and Tom Scud can’t, but I love and miss them, my mom loves them, and I think my nephew will eat them. But I feel badly for my BIL, who is basically going to be restricted to bare roast turkey, plain veggies, and maybe a couple spoonfuls of a carb or two. It would be nice if he could at least eat the sweet potatoes.

So who has a favorite healthy, yet not totally boring sweet potato recipe? Maybe something with a sauce that could be served on the side for others, or roasted with spices? Or should I just give up and set aside some relatively plain, no-salt ones for him?

Roast a sweet potato in the oven, split and serve. Needs no butter or seasoning. Primal goodness. What could possibly be an improvement?

Unless I can come up with another idea, I might just do that with one sweet potato set aside for him (and possibly my less adventurous nephew), and something more interesting for the rest of us. Which I guess, in the end, is mostly going to be me and Mom.

Or maybe something like this, with the ginger/miso sauce on the side?

What Ukelele Ike said. Honestly, I never understand why people put all that junk in sweet potatoes as it is; assuming you buy a decent quality tater, it needs nothing but a little butter & salt, and even those aren’t necessary if diets prevent them.

I realize it’s a little late, but Red Garnet Yams seldom disappoint; they are so sweet on their own that adding sugar would likely turn them into dessert.

My DIL made sweet potato fries cut fresh from the tubers in her new air fryer over the holuday. They were delicious, nice and crispy, and needed no salt nor other seasonings. We gobbled them down and made another batch.