Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Official Sport Of The SDMB Is Announced!

Ideally suited for the members of this board, I think it is time we practiced and ensured this sport is eligible for the next Olympics: Beer Pong !

I thought the official sport of the board is Doperball.

Is anything that like Calvinball?

Is that anything. Shush, all of you, bow before my greatness. :wink:

First one to find twelfth base gets a Ghost Point and a Get Out of Jail Free Cars!

What?? You’ve never played Doperball??

Anything but Beer Pong. It’s like Quarters with corporate sponsorship. It leads inexorably to good old-fashioned dartboards being converted to those electric GooberDarts machines.

The official sport is, indeed, Doperball. No way can it be Beer Pong. There’s a significant portion of us who think beer is vile, where Doperball doesn’t need anything to make it weirder.