Hearing issues on the phone

I have some hearing loss but not so bad that it affects me in my everyday life with a few exceptions. Lately I have had to talk with someone ( long conversations) who speaks very fast and has a high pitched voice. My phone has a very slight reverberation to it that I only notice with very fast speakers. I miss about 70% of what she is saying but for the most part can put together the general idea. Is their something I can buy that might smooth out the tone or reverberation? maybe a different brand phone?? I don’t think I have ever met anyone that speaks this fast.

Landline phone, or cell phone? If the latter, maybe a Bluetooth speaker (something like this)?

The problem is a landline. I just got a cell phone finally yesterday I plan to try it out today or tomorrow. Most voices are not an issue. I think it is mainly her rapid speech coupled with slight reverberation.

I find that headphones similar to these that put sound in both ears is enormously helpful for hearing and understanding people on the phone.

They also allow both of my hands to be free. I like that a lot.

I bet that would work, it has a noise cancelling microphone.

The first link points to ones that I haven’t tried. I can vouch for the ones in this link, though.

These are the ones I have.

My new cell phone worked great and eliminated the problem. Getting rid of the land line.


I suck at links. Google Caption Call phones