Hearing students at Galludet

My hearing daughter is interested in becoming an ASL translator, and is considering going to Galludet, RIT or Columbia College in Chicago. She is pretty fluent in ASL and has learned how to navigate through the deaf culture and make deaf friends. She and I are aware of some of the deaf culture politics present at Galludet, so as her proxy I am asking the following question:

How well are hearing students who are fluent in ASL accepted by the student body at Galludet?


The problem is whether she can get into Gallaudet at all. Gallaudet doesn’t admit very many hearing undergraduates:

I have a (hearing) friend who teaches at Gallaudet, and she has no problems being accepted by her students. I don’t think being accepted by the students will be that much of a problem. I gather that Gallaudet doesn’t want to have to teach hearing students unless it is seriously convinced that they will gain something there that can’t be gotten somewhere else. There are other places just to learn ASL.

She can go to Gallaudet in the Interpreting program, or she can go to grad school at Gallaudet… Other than that, programs are pretty much closed to non-Deaf/Hard of Hearing students. (As Wendell explained)

Daffyd (Who has taken many graduate classes through the years at Gally)

I am deaf and currently a freshman at Gallaudet University, class of 2012. Yes, it is true there is limited availability for hearing undergraduates. I would welcome anyone who is interested in attending Gallaudet University. The truth is… Gallaudet University is going through tough times in recruiting new deaf and hard of hearing students from the mainstream programs.