Heat & Glo Heater Question

We are purchasing a fully furnished vacation condo that we will be renting out throughout the year. One feature of the unit is a Heat & Glo Tiara 1 (I think) gas stove. It’s not a cooking stove, it’s a room heater that’s made to look something like a wood burning stove.

It has a pilot light and an ‘on/off’ switch in the back that controls the gas flow. This seems to work fine. It also has a built in fan, but you have to physically plug the unit into the wall to turn on the fan, and unplug it to turn off the fan. This seems non-intuitive to me since I would have expected a knob I could use to turn on and off the fan. I’ve seen some gas heaters that are connected to a thermostat which turns on and off both the gas and the fan, but this unit, which I believe was installed in 2001, isn’t connected to a thermostat. There is also no remote control that we can find.

So is this how this unit is supposed to work? Flip the switch that turns on the gas and then plug the fan power cord into the wall? Is there a more elegant way to set this up? I can imagine a switch that the fan plugs into that can then be plugged into the wall, but that’s only marginally better. Any suggestions?

I am not an expert on heaters.

Googling your heater comes up with this product brochure. Look at the bottom of page 5 : it appears that this stove comes with a remote. Try calling the manufacturer if you cannot find the remote.

Thanks. That’s a great lead.