Heath Bar versus Skor Bar?

What is the difference between a Heath bar and a Skor bar? Both are chocolate covered toffee. Both are made by Hershey’s. Why have both?

Buy one of each and compare them.

See how that works? Hershey just sold TWO candy bars!

I love both of those bars.

If you look at the ingrediants they are pretty much the same. But I can taste a difference in them. One is more nutty-toffey-ey and one is more buttery-toffey-ey. I forget which is which.

When I am in the mood for one of them I usually buy both. Damnit now I am in the mood for them.

This article, which doesn’t answer your question, details minute differences in the two, but has the annoying benefit of little squares where apostrophes should go.

The linked article mentions that Heath used to be two squares, but changed to one when Skor appeared and didn’t change back, but I could swear I had a Heath not long ago that was in two pieces, and not due to breakage.

I always thought Heath was milk chocolate over toffee, while Skor was dark chocolate over toffee, but I haven’t had a Skor in a long time, so I may be remembering incorrectly…

I am not familiar with either of these bars, but why don’t you just read the ingredients on both of them to compare. Hmmm, dark chocolate sounds more healthy too.

My unscientific impression was always that Skor bars had a slightly thicker coating on it of the chocolate-like material that Hershey uses.

As an aside, this is just because like many sites, this one failed to specify in the HTML the encoding that they used when creating the source text. If you manually change your browser to Western European encoding, all of the special characters they used will appear.

The Straight Dope:

Hershey wanted a candy bar to compete with the Heath Bar. So (since candy bar recipes can’t be copyrighted or patented), they created Skor. The idea was to make a candy bar as much like a Heath Bar as possible.

A few years later, Hershey bought out Heath and started manufacturing Heath Bars. However, they continued to make Skor for those who profess to find a difference in the two.

Interesting! I think I saw one before that had question marks instead of apostrophes.

And I can’t find either of them! And thats my favorite “thing I shouldn’t eat”. Both Heath and Skor. I think they put nut fragments in Skor, above the toffee and below the chocolate. I haven’t have either in a few years! <sobbing>.

I bet you could find someone willing to send you Heaths or Skors if you offer something up in trade.

Skor was my favorite but I haven’t seen it in a while. I think Skor was thinner and didn’t have nut bits. I used to eat all the chocolate off first, then I’d eat the toffee.

Yeah. Where do you live, BrassyPhrase?

I did that with Heath bars. My mom makes an excellent trifle-type chocolatey dessert that is topped with crumbled SKOR.

I second this description. The Skor toffee is also a little richer, IMO. At least it used to be.

Nope, I just happened to be eating a Skor bar right now. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely milk chocolate. It says so right on the wrapper.

Interesting. Heath has trans-fats, Skor does not.

The two are very similar, which makes sense because Hershey was essentially trying to copy the Heath bar.

The chocolate used is indistinguishable to my taste buds… I’m sure it’s just generic Hershey milk chocolate.

But the toffee does differ. The Skor bar has a more buttery flavor to the toffee, with less of a nut presence.

The Heath bar has a more nutty flavor, and less butter.

I love them both, and would gladly buy either.