Hershey's Smores Bars Make Me Vomit Blood

Hershey’s Smores Bars were on clearance for $0.29 at the grocery store today, so I bought three as a what-the-heck impulse buy.

How can I describe them? Eating half of one was like having a small, fat, bald man made out of rancid tallow crawl down my throat. Then he took a shit in my esophagus and donkey punched the inside of my stomach until it bled.

:: PUKE ::

So, what should I do with these other two unopened bars?

Return them to Hershey’s with a note descibing what you found objectionable about them, and the empty wrapper.

If you like free chocolate, that is.

I wasn’t aware that Hershey’s had anything to do with chocolate. Every product of theirs I have ever encountered seems to consist of brown food colouring, icing sugar and some sort of blubber, in varying proportions.

Give them to someone you don’t like. Either they’ll barf, or they’ll enjoy them and die a few years sooner.

I just sort of shake my head and laugh when I see those commercials for Hershey bars with folks talking about how much they love chocolate. I mean, seriously - if you actually even just sort of like chocolate, you don’t like those revolting, cloyingly sweet greasy things. They don’t taste a bit like chocolate.

Blech. I hate Hershey’s “chocolate”, and I’m a lover of most things vaguely sweet and chocolate-like (along with the real stuff).

Hershey’s “chocolate” always tastes like I ate a stinkbug. Or a bowl of cricket lips.

Be glad you didn’t try the “Crunchy Frog” …

Hershey’s, feh.

Once I ate a whole lot of Hershey’s Kisses. That night, I dreamed I was eating a brown crayon. And I could taste it.

I think therein lies your problem. Is it possible they due to expire soon?

Hey I resemble that remark…

Wow! I had no idea there was so much hate for Hershey’s!

I love those Smores bars, so you can send them straight to me, thanks!

OMG neurotic, I just got a visual image of what you said, and I gotta tell you I think it was hilarious. A small fat bald man made of rancid tallow!

Ewww. Those things are vile. I got some fun size ones, and still can’t bring myself to eat the two I have left.

I think you have me and him confused. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I echo Elret here. Those S’mores bars are freaking delicious. All graham crackery and marshmallowey. Good stuff. Please send them my way if you don’t want them.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it all morning actually so I totally just went and bought one. Awesome.

Next time I’ll grab one for you, too, Neurotik.

Me too. And I’ll wash them down with a Coke Zero.

I think my tastebuds are broken

MMmm…I loves me some s’mores bars. Yummy!

I always thought the plain Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds and Hershey’s plain chocolate bar were perfectly fine. Some of the more involved concoctions are pretty vile but the simple stuff compared favorably with Godiva’s etc. I’ve tasted several different types of purportedly “super premium” chocolates, and I’m always left wondering what the big fuss is all about. They’re have a smoother and finer texture than Hersheys, but they’re not “OMFG this is amazing! There’s a chocolate party going on in my mouth!”

I hope you’re not saying that you took more than one bite if you hated them that much.

Personally? I like the things.

Well, after I took the first bite I got a funny feeling that something might be wrong, but I ignored it and plowed ahead for a couple more bites at which point the error of my ways became apparent.

Let’s see, there doesn’t appear to be any expiration date anywhere on the bars. I’m pretty sure they’ll be legally comestible right up until the rapture.

Emerald Grue, eating a brown crayon would be a step up, as long as it was a quality Crayola crayon and not some cheap sepia knockoff.

On the plus side, the store was also selling jumbo sized Hershey’s Symphony bars for $0.99. Now, those aren’t quite Godiva but they’re pretty tasty.

I love Hershey Kisses, and sometimes Hershey’s with almonds, but that’s about it. I know they aren’t the height of chocolate lovers’ bliss, but they definitely do in a pinch.

However, those S’more things are revolting. I wouldn’t pay for anything with rotted marshmallow in it…or even fresh marshmallow. That alone makes 'em nasty. If my kids won’t eat them, then I can understand why they were practically giving them away.
I prefer Belgian chocolate (well, of COURSE) but if one can’t afford it most (re: all) the time, then Hershey’s, Nestle’s or if I’m really feeling “frisky” (and affluent) Godiva does just fine. Hey, a fix is a fix.