Heaven, I'm in Heaven...

This can be answered by anybody.
If your perfect version of Heaven existed, what would it be like? Who do you think would (or wouldn’t) be there?

I’d quickly grow bored with all the cloud-sitting and harp playing. My heaven would actually be a lot like earth, except the water would be safe to drink, everyone’s word would REALLY be their bond, and we would all know a great deal more than we do now (we wouldn’t know everything, though–that would get boring, too.)

Oh–and a bottomless coffee pot.


For me, it is freedom.

“It is lucky for rulers that men do not think.” — Adolf Hitler

I’d play saxaphone for an all-girl cabaret in New Orleans, smoke pot, drink, whatver. Too me, the perfect life is not having to do anything at all.

Just a thought:

Who ever said that Heaven has to be a place? What if Heaven and Hell were simply states of mind?



That’s pretty much what Jesus said.

“It is lucky for rulers that men do not think.” — Adolf Hitler

Surgoshan wrote:

If you people are able to work, you don’t know how lucky you are. I am disabled and unable to hold down a job, so in all probability I will be unable to support myself (or, much less, a family) for life, and I will die a pauper. Count your blessings if you can hold down a job!

To me, heaven is a mixture of work alternating with perfect relaxation and rest. IMHO, work will be a part of heaven, but it will be enjoyable and satisfying.

Heaven will be just like here. I can’t imagine knowing joy without despair, knowing laughter without tears, and knowing bliss without pain. I can’t imagine eternity with only half of my emotions and experiences. It’s the depths that make the summit worthwhile, you know.

I agree with Drain. Heaven is where she is right now.

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Drain Bead has hit it right on the head as far as I’m concerned. Where would the sense of satisfaction be if everything was given to you? How can pleasure exist if pain does not?
If the streets are paved with gold, then gold holds no value.

Apparently, Heaven is a very messy efficiency apartment in Columbus, Ohio. I never knew.

SoulFrost wrote:

And we’d all get laid a lot more.

“Love 'em, fear 'em, and leave 'em alone.” – Dr. Spockiavelli

I gotta go with the general sentiment here (which sums up what I was gonna say even before I read all the other replies). Heaven would be continuing to live, seeing my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. grow up. Seeing what the human race achieves. Continuing to learn.

The only things Heaven wouldn’t have are idiots who should be ordered out of the gene pool (according to my definition, of course, since it’s my Heaven we’re talking about).

Heaven would be a lot like my current life, except I’d be immortal and omnipotent. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of flying, going back and forth in time, and turning people into lemurs, all within the framework of earthly reality.

I think I would be distressed, if I did not have faith that Heaven will be beyond my current ability to perceive, or even understand. The limits of the earth will be over. We shall grow into our heritage, beyond the glory of Angels, and free forever from fear of evil. I have no idea what it will be like. I only know it will not be like anything I have ever seen.


I’ve seen pictures. There’s gonna be pandas and lions and sheep and people of every race and age (no weight differences though, and everyone will be attractive) hanging out in jungles and stuff.

Though if I had my way, I’d like to have my afterlife be exactly what I want it to be. That is, endless pleasure and satisfaction. A good example of that is for me to be sitting under a tree on a pleasantly warm sunny day reading a really good book, with a glass of lemonade beside me. And no interruptions. Ah, bliss…

Those above that say we need the downs to appreciate the ups - I think the point of an afterlife is that we compare it with our current life, and heaven is an improvement of it.

(I had a Christian friend when I was a teen, and he was told that when he dies and goes to his afterlife, he’d get to buzz around in space flying past the planets. I don’t know how they knew about that, but it sounds like fun anyway)

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Did this make anyone else think of the Simpson’s Halloween episode where Bart was omnipotent and turned Homer into a jack-in-the-box? “And you know what we say when anything weird happens…it’s GOOD that Bart did that!”

Tris, maybe you didn’t get it.
I was not asking what you thought heaven was like. I was asking what your ideal heaven would be like. It’s a “What If” game.

Cancun, Mexico and a Visa card with no limit.

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I can’t imagine that heaven exists because science has not proven the existance of heaven…

Great MPSIMS thread though!