Heavenly bodies caught blowing each other

One was built like a classical demigod. Rough. Butch. Soldier. The other was a wanton hippie, and fancied himself was a child of Gaia. It’s all been caught on video.

Your comments on yet another celebrity sex tape.

Nicely done.

If it had been 666 rather than 661 it would have been decidedly non-heavenly.

Hot Heavenly Intercourse.

In Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels, the deadly fungus called thread is drawn off of one planet, travels through space, and descends onto another. Far-fetched, but here we have a similar mechanism in our own back yard!

If McCaffrey was right about this being possible…I await my telepathic dragon.

Stop it, you! You’re making space all teh ghey!

Sorry Doug. Space is gay.

Space. Mooning. Blowing.

Yep, ghey.