Heavy Metal is gay...


Yer pal,

Three months, two days, 20 hours, 58 minutes and 58 seconds.
3754 cigarettes not smoked, saving $469.37.
Life saved: 1 week, 6 days, 50 minutes.

Of course a band like that wouldn’t come out to SF. Damn them. buncha hicks. I would definetly go to see them.
We do have our very own all lesbian death metal band though “Sangre Amado” You haven’t lived till you’ve heard a woman belting out lyrics at a lower decibel than glen Benton

[obscure Mr. Show reference]Omigod it’s Wycked Sceptre![/obscure reference]

“Gettin’ the shaft again…”

Thanks for the Mr. Show reference Mojo I needed that.

[It’s made with spider sugar…Doesn’t hurt the spiders]

No, heavy metal is dead.

Not even the gay community could make it chic.

Heavy metal’s always been(or at least wanted to be) gay! Look at what these fine specimens are wearing!!!

Just some random samples:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

Shall I go on?

What! No picture of Rob Halford? Sheesh, none of the guys in Iron Maiden were gay, it was the dudes in Judas priest. You should at least post the proper pictures.


whoops, sorry. Didn’t listen to it then, don’t listen to it now. Excuse my ignorance for having distanced myself from all things heavy metal. :wink:

Methinks the Demo doth protest too much. Especially with that sig. Admit it, lad, when no one’s home, you prance about in your leather boxers screeching along to Megadeth.

…On the days when you’re not wearing chainmail boxers and leather suspenders. Preview, Lux, preview!

I thought we were talking about a poster :slight_smile:

So being lame make one mince?

I thought Satan was making derogatory comments about the MOVIE. I was going to open a can of whopass worms…

“He dies, she dies…
EVERYbody dies…”