Heavy Metal screams

It seems like the mainstream Grunge movement has faded (thank Og), and is being replaced by a heavier style of heavy metal music with such bands as Disturbed, Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine etc.

This is not a personal endorsement of either kind of music. I personally dislike both.

What I’d like to know is how they achieve that guttural, almost growling scream that seems like it comes from the lower throat instead of the diaphragm?

How do they do this without tearing apart their vocal chords? I can see the screams being sung in a lower volume and augmented in studio post, but how do they do this live, show after show?

Thanks in advance 'o wise Dope.

How to succeed in screaming without really being Axl Rose

Well I can’t speak for all rockers, but I heard an interview with David “don’t call me Dave” Draiman (singer for Disturbd)and he credits his ability in part to the many hours he spents singing in temple. I believe at one time he was a Cantor. Can’t explain the monkey sounds, though.

Thanks for the article. Nice read. This is my favorite part:

Before I knew what the band’s name was, I was referring to them as the Monkey Band.

Hello, by the way, Wook.

For what it’s worth, there’s a few Scandinavian bands – Amorphis, Katatonia, and Green Carnation – who switched from death metal to gothrock or psychedelic rock, because the singer blew out his voice and couldn’t scream anymore.

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