Heavy Rain

So, anyone had a go at it yet? I’ll admit to being one of the people who bought Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, and liked it (up until the end, anyway), so I may well be biased, but as of yet (I think i’ve only really just completed the very beginning) it seems pretty damn good for Quick Time Event; The Game.

If nothing else, shit if it wasn’t one of the more effectively depressing starts to a game i’ve ever played, even if it was somewhat telegraphed.

Edit: Also a neat little gimmick they have for the installing time.

Will be getting it tomorrow. It looks interesting and I’ve been reading and watching good things about the actual story so am looking forward to it.

Will report back.

You’re right about The Indigo Prophecy. It’s all “Quick Time: the Game”, but it’s well done, good graphics, and it’s pretty interesting. I give them all the bonus points for trying something different.

You play too many games.

Click here, please.

I picked up Heavy Rain early Tuesday and managed to have it finished by Wednesday night. I liked it a lot. The atmosphere is outstanding and the story is well told. The only presentation problem I had was the voice acting was hit or miss to say the least. The principles are all at least decent, but some of the important supporting cast can be dreadful. (Lauren, you got better as time went on, but I’m looking at you mostly.) There was also one guy who apparently thought it was time try his Tony Montana impression in the middle of what’s supposed to be a tense scene and it just comes off… wrong somehow.

I liked Indigo Prophecy a lot as well, but like most people who played it I thought it fell apart in the third act pretty badly. That’s not the case in Heavy Rain where the storytelling stays strong and consistent all the way to the end.

Minor spoilers for the end…

I’m not going to spell it out completely, but suffice to say the identity of the Origami Killer comes like a punch to the gut. I’ve read in other places arguments that it comes out of left field, but I don’t think that’s the case. Certainly if you try to rush through the game it can come across that way I suppose, but if you make certain dialogue choices it can be heavily foreshadowed.

I’m giving the game a break for minute, but I’ll definitely go back for more. It heavily invites multiple playthroughs as scenes can play out very differently based on the decisions you make, and it has something like 15 different endings based on those decisions. Characters can live or die, you don’t necessarily discover the identity of the killer if you make a lot of bad decisions and mistakes etc…

Much like Indigo Prophecy it’s essentially an adventure game with minimal puzzles, but there’s still nothing out there quite like it. I’d recommend it to someone looking for something a little different.

So far I’m liking it.

Spoilers to where I am in the story. and what I’ve done. Well my story anyway. [spoiler] Just saw Kramer put the fllowers on the grave and Madison just entered the club.

Didn’t kill the guy and haven’t played as Ethan again to see the results of not finishing the task, gulp. The shopkeeper got shot and the religious nut got shot by me. Probably lost clues there.

Killed the nut doctor with a drill to the heart but didn’t take a drink, smart girl :wink: [/spoiler]

The person who I think is the killer Ethan’s shrink. Why? He could be causing the blackouts with hypnosis or drugs but the main reason is the oragami figure he produced to the cops. It seems to conveniant for him to have evidence that points directly to Ethan being the killer. He also IIRC has the same hair colour as the dead kid’s brother. He’s also enough of a 2ndary character to be killer if my viewing of other mysteries are anything to go by.

I could be way off base, if I am or not I’d appricate not knowing :wink:

Really liking it so far and have been pleasently surprised with some of the gameplay elements. Some big story leaps that had me scrathching my head. I don’t see Madison’s motivation at all but I’m willing to let them slide at the moment. I think I may be playing this til quite late tonight as I really want to see how this all plays out.

Well I was wrong. I didn’t see it coming but it did bug me that you never knew who hired him and the few family members that he did meet ddin’t know him so I suppose it was there all along.

All in all, short but pretty enjoyable.

I’m spelling out the killer’s identity below, so don’t click if you don’t want to know yet… Also some stuff about Madison.

[spoiler]Right, there’s a few clues that it’s Shelby even early on, mostly in the gaps if you notice them. Not seeing the people who hired him to begin with of course. There’s the old fashioned typewriter on the desk in his apartment. If you get aggressive with Lauren in the beginning he insinuates that she’s being selfish by not taking an interest in the killer’s activities, (which plays into his motivations). But there’s also the shoebox. If you manage to save the store clerk from the robber he gives you a shoebox much like the one Ethan receives. He shows absolutely no interest in it after he leaves the store. I was very suspicious about that when it happened.

About Madison…

I don’t know how much of her story you uncovered yojimbo, but she’s a journalist who’s investigating the Origami Killer, she wants to write a book about the case and it’s supposed to be titled ‘Heavy Rain’. It wasn’t spelled out in my playthrough, but I assumed she recognized Ethan, probably from new coverage, when she met him at the hotel. I don’t think her playing ‘nursemaid’ was entirely coincidence. [/spoiler]

About Madison Yeah, I found that stuff out after I shagged her. It made it a bit more clear as to why she was initially all over him for no apparent reason

Bit of a zombie but …

I just bought this game over the weekend on a whim. I’m totally hooked. Love the concept and execution.

I’ve been a little flummoxed at times, and I’ve replayed a couple of chapters after doing something I didn’t really mean to do (oops, didn’t realize R1 meant shoot the guy … that kind of thing). I’m not sure how far along I am as I’ve read no spoilers nor FAQs or anything. The one review that sold me on buying the game strongly advised against it … and I listened.

I hope this is the birth of a new genre of entertainment. I’d love to see a Big Lebowski type comedy in this format.

This game looks really interesting to me. I just can’t get over the hump enough to buy it though. It looks almost like a choose your own adventure.

Is there any game play involved other than having to make a quick decision? I feel like it’s nothing more than a way for me to watch an animated movie that I have some direction is guiding the outcome.

What’s the gimmick?

Anyone, by the way, since the original posting was over a month ago. :slight_smile:

The game packaging comes with a little piece of paper, themed (scribblings and scrawls from the game) and while the game is loading, they give you instructions on origami-ing it into … well, I’m not exactly sure what because I fucked it up. Mine looks like a crippled dog wearing a party hat.

There’s a bit of it. It isn’t just Watch-Press-Buttons-In-Order, but it’s mostly that. You do have to navigate your character around, do some searching, figure out a couple of puzzles, those sorts of things. But even the QuickTime stuff is fairly intriguing.

Example (not really a spoiler) there was a scene where I was chasing a perp and it was all QuickTime stuff – Hit Triangle – Tap Circle – Hold Up – etc, but there was one point where I was leaping over something just about to collar the guy and I screwed up the button pushing, and instead of jumping on top of the dude, I missed and went flying through a rack of dishes. And the chase continued. It was a seemless scene that could have gone several different ways depending which button series you screwed up on.

So it’s a little more than Pick Your Own Adventure … and very stylish while they’re at it.