Heavy Twitter Users

My son goaded me into getting on Twitter a while back, and I began using it as a way to keep up with a few friends and to put out news relating to my freelance writing and various book events. I swiftly discovered the protocol: when someone follows you, you’re expected to follow them.

I’m now following 25 people/groups, and can’t keep up. One place where I do book signings sends out as many as 50 tweets per day. I looked at one small business that I’m following, and they follow over 14,500 people. How do they manage that? There doesn’t appear to be an “ignore” feature, so their feed would be clogged with tens of thousands of tweets per day!

Do they set up two separate Twitter accounts, and use one to broadcast and the other to read what others have to say?

They might use something like TweetDeck or similar programmes - that lets you sort people into lists, which you can then choose to have visible or not. I’d imagine they don’t see many of their followees’ tweets, but there’s no way (as far as I know) for their followees to know that.

And some small businesses do have a business account and a more personal one, using the latter to talk to people and the former to mostly broadcast - that sounds like a lot more effort to me, with all the signing in and out and remembering which account you’re using so as not to send inappropriate messages…

I’m a heavy user and never heard of this protocol. If someone new follows me and it looks like their tweets will be interesting, relevant I’ll follow them but oftentimes I won’t bother.

With regard to keeping up there are several means available to filter tweets although I don’t use any so can’t recommend any I’m afraid.

Yeah, the expectation that you follow back is far from absolute. If the person’s feed looks interesting, but if they’ve followed me for the sole purpose of getting me to follow back – a local (or more distant) business, professional, or suchlike – nope, don’t feel obligated. Many of these will then drop me within a week or two when it becomes clear I’m not going to follow back, so my number of followers, though increasing, fluctuates quite a bit. (Gain 10, lose 7, gain 8 more, lose 5).

I’m following about 100 more people than are following me. Of those, I keep the ones whose tweets are interesting, or at least not annoying. Some people tweet too much, and I tend to drop them. Since I’m only following about 300 people, though, I don’t need any additional tools to keep up with them, other than spending a chunk of time a couple of times a day to browse up my feed.

I can barely keep up following YOU, Twix :slight_smile:

The twenty-some-odd people I follow collectively produce about 100 tweets a day. I already miss interesting stuff from friends as I skim the feed. I cannot conceive of following hundreds or thousands of people without some pretty sophisticated filters.

I don’t mind if people tweet a lot as long as their tweets are interesting. I probably tweet too much but I try to actually say something with every message, if that makes sense. I’m not just going “having lunch now, and this is what I’m eating”, “getting in the shower now”, “good morning” etc. Booooring.

At first I followed everyone that followed me but now I only do if they’re a real person and their tweets look like something I’d wanna read.

I used to obsessively make sure I read every tweet from everybody I followed – until I realized I wasn’t missing much if I didn’t.

I’ll pop in every now and then, write a Tweet if I have something to say, and read the top couple dozen or so, depending on how much time I have. Maybe I’ll comment on something if I find it interesting and feel I can make a contribution.

And that’s it. There are vastly more that go unread than not, but it doesn’t bother me in the least.