Hebrew translation


Here is an online cloting store, some shirts with Hebrew writings. Can someone tell me the meaning of the words written on those?

The star-flower. Does it symbolise something beyond it being the David-star?

The shirt named Hillel says:

Eem lo achshav aymatai

It translates as: If not now, when?

the full saying, attributed to Hillel, is:

If I am not for myself who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?
the one named Moledet says just that - Moledet, which means homeland.

I don’t know anything about the star flower, but I suspect it is some kind of Israeli political symbol.

Ok thanks,

What about the one called Kohelet?

The text they write under the shirts sounds like something google translated from Italian to Japanes to Swaheli to English?

Man, those are tacky shirts.

“Kohelet” is Hebrew for “Ecclesiastes”, and the (poorly mounted) phrase is: “A Time for War - a Time for Peace.”

Yeah, but at least they’re expensive.

I had thought to buy one for a present

Or, more accurate to the context (Ecclesiastes 3:8) “There is a time for war, and there is a time for peace.”

Naturally, I was using the BAT (Byrds Authorised Translation).

Those prices are beyond expensive and are bordering on the absurd. $100+ (USD) for t-shirts and tank tops?

“Autonomous firmness, in need of independence, resorting to oneself. But a doubt arises: subjective or identity fragility? The triadic, therefore the overcoming: to act, with consideration, moving the being immediately to enterprise. Awareness, confutation, solution for clothing.”
Ya, like far out man. They must have smoked some good shit before knocking that one off.

That’s a pretty confutational thought.