Hehmpf. I just learned the meaning behind Adiddas.

Germany for kids. Famous Germans

I did not know this. I willnever look at a pair of adidas the same way again.

I love useless trivia.

That’s silly. Everyone knows it stands for all day I dream about sex.

The junior version of the joke says, “All day I dream about soccer.”

IKEA has a similar entymology

From Wikipedia:

“…founded by Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden. The name IKEA comes from a clever acronym using the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who was from a family farm called Elmtaryd, which was near the village of Agunnaryd. The acronym is for a swedish phrase but it turns out to be the same in english, Ingvar Kamprad’s Economical Alternative.”

I don’t know if any of you had a Caldor by you, but the name comes from the founders Cal and Dorothy Bennett.

At least you didn’t call it Caldors, which was always my pet peeve.

Lest we forget the Master of Infomercials: Ronco.

Ron Popeil.

Or, more specifically, “All day I dream about sports.”

Going by the thread title, it should be “All day I d-dream about sex.”

Mine bratwurst has a first name, its F-R-I-T-Z, mine bratwurst has a second name its SCHNACKENPFEFFERHOUSE-N."

That would be less specifically.

And did you know that his brother, Rudolph Dassler, founded Puma?

I’ve heard other ruggers say, “All day I dream about scrumming.”


Garmin (the GPS company) was founded by GARy and MIN (too lazy to look up last names)


Yeah, it really bugs me that I’m just now finding this out.

So what is the correct pronounciation of Adidas?

We Americans say “A-dee-dus” and the Brittish call them “Ah-dee-das”.

I can’t do the phonetic thing very well, but I do know that across the pond they pronounce it rather differently.

I think the stress is the important part:

a-DEE-dis (US)
AD-ee-dass (UK etc)

If he’s German, I think the UK version is probably more correct, as his name will be likely stressed thusly: AD-ee

Anyone ever heard of a store called Pamida? (I’ve no idea if it’s nation/worldwide or not).

It’s named after the founder’s sons: Pat, Mike, and Dave.

Did you also know that Adi is short for Adolph? However, he was not named after that other famous German (actually Austrian) Adolph, since he was born in 1900. Did you also know that Adi’s brother Rudi was the founder of Puma? Both companies still have their corproate headquarters in the relatively small city of Herzogenaurach, where the Dasslers come from.

The mention of the other Adolph reminds me of an old joke:

Q: Why are the Austrians so smart?
A: They made everyone believe Beethoven was an Austrian (actually born in Bonn, Germany) and Hitler was a German (born in Braunau am Inn, Austria).

Actually the German pronounciation is more like a-dee-DASS.