please explain Addidas commercial to me

The one where the guy is out for a jog and everything he passes by (tires, waterbeds, inflatable bouncy amusement park thingies) pops / explodes / deflates. I don’t get it.

Thanks in advance.


That one has been puzzling me, too. I think it’s supposed to be that the shock of his footfalls is being transferred to the objects around him, sparing him the impact.

I think the commercial totally backfires. Makes my knees ache just looking at it.

Pay attention to what the announcer says at the end. They say that Adidas cushioning never quits, all the things he passes have their cushioning/springiness/elasticity fail, but his shoes stay nice.

Really, that’s it?

I’m glad I’m not the only one this is lost on.

I’d say you’re right, they don’t make that very clear when everything deflates/explodes exactly when he goes by. It’s like the shoes are some kind cushioning vampire feeding al all round them :eek: .

I thought it was a weird commercial as well.

I was also left wondering why the diner booth cushions have water in them, and if this is really the case.

Isn’t it a waterbed store window?

It’s a stab at nike.
note the “Air” in the tires deflating.

like Nike Air bubbles that pop after prolonged use.
[found in the “air max” and other models.]
they’re saying their shoe’s cushioning will never do that.

This commercial confused me at first, too. Listen to the voice-over at the end again. I think he says something about transference. That’s the key.

I thought you were really reaching with this, but I’ve actually had a pair of Nikes that did that. I thought it was a one-in-a-million event. Maybe it’s a common comlpaint.

On a related note: I love the Nike commercial where they’re running on the beach with the Chariots of Fire theme playing, and they start to work the urban surroundings in. It just really speaks to me. . .for whatever reason it taps into some of the emotions I used to feel when I ran a lot.

I love that Nike commercial, but I noticed a problem. They director couldn’t decide what side of the street the runenr was on. While he is on the beach, and just a few items appear, they don’t have consistancy. At the end, we see the street is to his right, but during the run, several itmes (such as newspaper dispensers, gargage acns, etc…) that are almost always on the car side of the sidewalk are on what is later revealed to be the non-car side. Sloppy directing, is all that is.

Still looks neat, though.