Nike commercial...

OK. There’s a new spot out which has the tag line: Nike loves runners. The premise of the commercial is there’s this woman jogging in place and two, supposedly, Nike employees attempt to help her cross a street.
As one of these yutzes steps into the street, he’s hit by a car.

A low camera angle shows the car careen into him as its brakes squeal. Quick cut to the river’s perspective: you see the yutz hit and break the windshield.

I find this commercial disturbing. It actually startled me quite seriously the first time I saw it.

Now I know you advertising types will say, “You remembered the commercial, didn’t you?” and I know that’s the goal of the commercial…

But isn’t there a line which shouldn’t be crossed in “shock” commercials?

I did a quick look see at with no luck. Anyone else have a link?

I don’t think this is a Nike ad, IIRC. I think it’s an ad from by a shoe store. And why can’t I think of what it is? It’s not Foot Locker, it’s not Just for Feet, it’s…some other company. Or I could be wrong. But I got the distinct impression when I saw that commercial the other night, that is for a retailer, not a manufacturer, of shoes.

I kind of like the commercial, though. But I would. But my confusion obviously means it didn’t make me remember the advertiser too well.

IIRC it is for a store called The Finish Line.

It is Finish Line. You can see the commercial on their website. It’s the one called “Don’t Walk.”

Shouldn’t you be out swabbing a deck or something instead of sitting on your butt watching tv all day???


I think the Chief is now officially a desk jockey.

Okay…so how long before we hear “It appeared that the children were trying to imitate the commercial for a shoe store called Finish Line, in which a pedestrian…”