heinz "57"

ok, sometime ago on the Discovery Channel, i believe i heard them say the “57” came from it being the simple fact their ketchup was their 57th patent.

Can anybody confirm or deny for sure if this is true?

Cecil on this Subject.

Check Cecil’s classics. He’s already answered it.

he said he doesnt know why, and somebody else came up with some numbers/occult concocsion, …i want to know if the ketchup is the 57th patent for Heinz to confirm what i heard on the Discovery Channel, or maybe it was Biography’s on TLC.

Read it again. He said “57” was a number Heinz just liked. Even though they already had more than 60 varieties.

Im still more inclined to believe its their 57th patent. Unless someone can confirm it ‘isnt’.

Well, I’m still more inclined to believe it’s the number of demons that Henry J. Heinz believed inhabited his body every year on Presidents day. Unless someone can confirm it ‘isnt’.


From the Heinz FAQ:

I always thought it was for the 57 words Eskimos have for “vegetable”.

No, it’s a blatant tip-off of the Paul Simon song (There must be) 57 ways to leave your lover.

Err. Rip off, meant rip-off. Damn my fat fingers.

When I was a kid, I always thought it was a breed of dog, cause everybody said my dog was a “heinz 57 variety” dog. Sure, now I find out that it was really just that his mom was a “woman of independent means”. :smiley: